The Chasing Grace Project chronicles the joys and challenges of being a woman in tech

It’s Equal Pay Day today, marking the date women had to work full-time this year to match what men made working full-time last year. The actual date is mostly symbolic, and while it’s been

Sundance doc ‘Our New President’ presents psychedelic vision of US election through a fake news lens

If the feeling at the fairly liberal leaning Sundance Film Festival — held last year after Trump’s election but before the inauguration —was one of impending doom, this year it’s all about pro

Apple adds a documentary series about extraordinary homes to its streaming lineup

Apple has greenlit a new documentary series called “Home,” according to a new report from Variety out today. The series will give viewers an “inside look” at extraordinary home

Google and J.J. Abrams team up on “Moon Shot,” a documentary series about the Lunar XPRIZE

J.J. Abrams, best known as the co-creator of the TV series “Lost” and director of recent “Star Trek” movies as well as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is now bring

Werner Herzog On His Documentary Lo And Behold, Cockroach Movies And Moving To Mars

A new documentary entitled Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is being premiered at Sundance tomorrow. I've already written up my impressions of the film, which is very good and very diffe

The Past, Present And Future Of Connectivity: A Must-See Mini Film

Just landed in our inbox: a link to <a href="">this excellent documentary</a> on connectivity, sponsored by <a href="

Elephant cinematographers capture magical tiger moments in new BBC documentary

This is just off the chain. I knew elephants were good painters, but filmmakers? A new BBC series used specially trained elephants to follow a group of tiger cubs and their mother around in a jungle f

King of Kong documentary gets DVD release next week

The King of Kong is a documentary that follows the life and times of Steve Wiebe, a teacher who wants nothing less than to have the world’s highest Donkey Kong score, currently held by Billy Mit

BBC Tetris Documentary: Amazing Digg just found this great 60 minute documentary on Tetris. I’d suggest saving this link and heading home for a good