BloomAPI locks down $2.4M to fix medical record releases

Seattle-based BloomAPI is announcing a $2.4 million seed round this morning for its solution to the broken medical records release process. It's no secret that the entire U.S. healthcare system is hel

Prime Takes On The Challenging Task Of Bringing Your Health Records To Mobile

The founders of <a target="_blank" href="">Prime</a>, a mobile app promising an easier way to securely collect all your health records from various physicians into a single

With 40% Of U.S. Doctors Signed On, Doximity’s Jeff Tangney Reveals How The Social Network For M.D.s Hit The Tipping Point

With the arrival of Obamacare, millions of uninsured Americans are entering the healthcare system for the first time. As these new patients happily stream into waiting rooms, doctors are scrambling to

Fast-Growing Kareo Lands $29M To Help Doctors Move Their Practices Into The Cloud

As technology continues to infiltrate the tired old world of healthcare, the average patient stands to benefit in a big way, but doctors are struggling to keep up with a changing world. With origins d

With $3M From Andreessen And Others, Doctor On Demand Launches To Bring A $40 (Virtual) House Call To Healthcare

Adam Jackson and former Stanford physician and White House fellow Dr. Pat Basu want to help modernize healthcare by bringing the house call back — mobile-style. To do that, today, they’re

Share Practice Aims To Give Doctors Treatment Information And Feedback From Colleagues On The Fly

<p>During their work with patients, doctors will frequently contact colleagues with questions, to trade horror stories, or converse about treatment methods. There isn't really a technological solution

HealthTap’s Q&A Service Sees 7.5M Uniques Per Month, With MDs Spending An Hour Per Session Providing 581M Answers

When you have a health question, what do you do? Likelihood is that you either search Google for the answer, WebMD, try to call your doctor, or set up an appointment. For most people, the latter two o

By Helping Big Pharma Better Understand Your Local Doctor, Medikly May Just Be Tapping Into A Goldmine

<a target="_blank" href="">Medikly</a>, a startup that aims to help pharmaceutical companies reach and better understand physicians, announced today that it has raised $1.2 million

HealthTap Buys Avvo’s Health Business, Looks To Become The Go-To Resource For Medical Advice, Info

Instead of anxiously searching Google or WebMD, people would rather turn to a real human being for answers to their pressing health questions -- preferably one who's been to school for 10 years. The p

With 25% Of U.S. Doctors On Board, QuantiaMD Lands $12M To Become The LinkedIn For MDs

<a target="_blank" href="">QuantiaMD</a>, one of a growing number of companies attempting to build the LinkedIn for the medical community, today announced that it has rais

OpenTable For MDs: BetterDoctor Launches To Help You Find The Best Available Care Near You

"This is my personal vendetta against the broken healthcare system," Ari Tulla tells me, mid-pitch, while standing on the sidewalk after a recent <a href="

Confirmed: Doctors’ Social Network Doximity Lands Another $17M From Morgenthaler Ventures

Doctors social network <a target="_blank" href="">Doximity</a> has raised another $17 million at a ballpark $80 million valuation led by Morgenthaler Ventures. The company's series

Docphin’s Dashboard For Doctors Expands Nationwide

<a href="">Docphin</a>, a medical news and research service which <a href="">we once described as

Khan Academy Inspires Flip of Doctor-Patient Relationship Model

Education and healthcare are typically held up as the industries least affected by the technology revolution, however this has begun to change. From Bill Gates to millions of students and parents, the

Video: Japanese doctors use iPad during surgery

<img src="" /> As we all know by now, the <a href="">iPad</a> can be used in many ways, and we kno

Dr. Science says we're mentally ill

[photopress:internet_addiction.jpg,full,left]Even on days when I’m not blogging I spend a helluva lot of time online. I like to track rumors, email pretty girls, and check on the Seattle Mariner

Hackers could hack your defibrillator and make you and your family die

[photopress:defib.jpg,full,center] Hackers, those pesky critters that little the Interwebs with malicious code that steals your credit card numbers and casserole recipies, have now turned their attent

Another stint on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show

There are a couple of wacky, wacky guys out in Atlanta who put on a health and fitness show. I got to say a few words on fitness gadgets for an upcoming marathon. Take a listen. Podcast

Wii's Marble Mania makes you a better surgeon

Regular Joes can use the Nintendo Wii to lose a couple of pounds, yes, but now it looks like doctors can also benefit from a couple of rounds of Marble Mania. A study found that surgeons who played ga

My Stint on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show

There are a couple of wacky, wacky guys out in Atlanta who put on a health and fitness show every Thursday evening. After weeks of missed connections, I finally got to sit in on one of the tapings and