• Docstoc Goes Mobile; Brings Premium Document Sharing To The iPad

    Docstoc, an online document sharing site that caters primarily to small businesses and professionals, is unveiling its first mobile app today with the launch of its iPad app today—Docstoc Premium. The iPad App, which is free, includes access to documents that are shared on the platform, including both premium and free content. Users have access to over 10,000 business and… Read More

  • Docstoc Adds Well Known Publishers, 100K Books To Its Premium Docstore

    Docstoc, an online document sharing site that caters primarily to small businesses and professionals, has just added a big dose of new content to its premium Docstore. Through a partnership with digital media distributor, the site has added a collection of 100,000 books from a smattering of well known publishers as well as 150,000 new ‘professional’ documents… Read More

  • Web Publishing Startup DocStoc Now Offers Branded Viewers To Users

    Web publishing startup DocStoc is launching a customized document viewer today, allowing anyone to create easily embeddable, branded document viewers. The new feature is open to all DocStoc users and offers the ability to customize the logo, buttons, links, and color of the viewer. The viewer itself is fairly sleek and resembles DocStoc’s normal document viewers. Users can directly… Read More

  • DocStoc Debuts Marketplace For Professional Documents

    For web publishing startups like Scribd and DocStoc, premium content is the viable business model to monetize their platforms. For example. Scribd has signed a number of deals with publishers to sell online books to users on the site. Today, DocStoc is officially opening up its premium content channel, called the DocStore, addressing a lightly different sector, with a focus on selling… Read More

  • Issuu Mobile Makes Reading Books And Magazines Easier On Android

    What is the best reading experience on a touchscreen device? As magazines and tablet-makers grapple with this question for larger form factors, Issuu has an answer for touchscreen phones. The Web-based document-viewer just released Issue Mobile for Android phones, and is working on an iPhone app. Issuu Mobile is a mobile document reader which gives you access all the magazines, books… Read More

  • Issuu Debuts API, Goes After Docstoc And Scribd Once More

    Issuu, the Danish startup battling the likes of Docstoc and Scribd in the professional document publication and sharing space, is today introducing a REST-based API that enables its users to automatically upload and manage publications, bookmarks, and folders under their accounts. That means developers and designers can henceforth tap into the Issuu platform and services to equip their own… Read More

  • WatchDox Lets You Track And Control Document Sharing (Beta Invites)

    Sharing confidential documents within a business or between businesses can be risky—you never know who might leak a document or if your document is being shared with other employees. To solve this problem, startup Confidela has launched the beta of WatchDox, a SaaS product that allows a sender to control, restrict and track viewing, printing and forwarding of documents. We have 100 free… Read More

  • Edocr Aims To Be A DocStoc For Corporates – Is That Enough?

    Edocr, a smaller competitor to other document sharing startups like DocStoc and Scribd, re-launches today with new features and an API, after a long time off-radar. Eschewing the publisher focus of Issuu, or the broad business focus of DocStoc, the boot-strapped Edocr focuses on corporates and organisations. So for instance, companies can upload all their public-facing documents, whether they… Read More

  • DocStoc Launches Document Collections

    Popular document sharing service DocStoc just launched a collections feature, which lets users package documents around a particular topic. DocStoc has already created close to 50 collections, including “Starting a Small Business,” “Advertising Online,” and “Traveling on a Budget,” and is opening up the platform to users to add to existing collections and… Read More

  • DocStoc Charges Out Of Beta With DocCash, APIs, And More Blog-Like Homepage

    A year and a half after launching at our first TechCrunch40 conference, document-sharing service Docstoc is taking off its “beta” label with a homepage redesign, open APIs, and a new revenue-sharing model called DocCash. The service is growing at a healthy clip, with 3 million documents uploaded and 1.6 million unique visitors a month in the U.S., according to comScore. (The… Read More

  • Issuu Adds New Features In the Race to Catch Up To Scribd

    Issuu, a company that lets you upload a PDF or other document and then flip through it easily on a dedicated Webpage or in a small embedded widget, is adding features to its service and site with the aim of becoming a more engaging destination for users. We’re big fans of Issuu—when the company first launched, it was one of the first services of its kind whose interface and… Read More