CoreOS takes its Clair container security tool out of beta

CoreOS announced the first preview of Clair, a tool that scans Docker containers for security vulnerabilities, last November and today, with the launch of Clair 1.0, it is ready to take the beta labe

Docker acquires Conductant as it looks to help businesses run large-scale systems

Docker today announced that it has acquired Conductant, a small startup that focused on orchestration. While you have probably never heard of Conductant — and as far as we can see, the company

New Docker Datacenter Admin Suite Should Bring Order To Containerization

Docker announced a new container control center today it’s calling the Docker Datacenter (DDC), an integrated administrative console that has been designed to give large and small businesses c

CoreOS’s rkt Container Engine Hits 1.0

CoreOS‘s container runtime competitor rkt hit version 1.0 today and according to the company, it’s now ready for production use. Version 1.0 introduces a number of new security features an

Docker Acquires Unikernel Systems As It Looks Beyond Containers

Docker today announced the acquisition of Unikernel Systems, a Cambridge, UK-based startup that aims to bring unikernels to the masses (or at least the masses of developers). Docker plans to integr

Meet The Startups Vying For The Crunchie For Best Overall Startup Of 2015

There are only a few short weeks until the 9th Annual Crunchies show on February 8 at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House. At the show, some of the best and brightest startups and leaders are c

Announcing The 9th Annual Crunchies Finalists

After a multitude of worthy nominations, TechCrunch is proud to announce the 9th Annual Crunchies Awards finalists. Take a peek below at the full list of finalists for each award category. There are

I Want To Run Stateful Containers, Too

Using Amazon for everything feels wrong to me -- a bit like the rebels in Star Wars renting a Star Destroyer from Darth Vader rather than recruiting the Millennium Falcon to fight the Empire. “Raaaw

Docker Launches New Commercial Service To Help Enterprises Deploy And Manage Their Apps

Docker announced the Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) at its developer conference in Barcelona today. The UCP is a new paid service in Docker’s portfolio that is meant to help ops teams easi

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Places A Big Bet On Containers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is launching a slew of updates and new products related to containers at Docker’s developer conference in Barcelona today. Together, all of these amount to a bi

Docker Puts Focus On Container Security

Docker today announced three new security tools and features for containers at its DockerCon Europe conference in Barcelona. These tools are meant to make using containers safer without interrupting t

CoreOS Launches Clair, An Open-Source Tool For Monitoring Container Security

CoreOS, the company behind the popular lightweight Linux distribution for data center deployments with the same name, has recently made a big bet on containers. Today, the company is launching Clair,

Google Updates Its Container Services With Focus On Speed, Scaling And Authentication

With its Docker Registry and Container Engine, Google has made a big bet on containers for its Cloud Platform this year. Today, the company is launching updates to both of these services. The Containe

Docker Fills Big Hole With Tutum Acquisition

Docker announced today that it was purchasing Tutum, a cloud service focused on deploying and managing Docker containers in any environment, whether the cloud or on-premises. The company did not discl

From Plaxo To Docker, Ben Golub Talks Innovation And Mentorship

In this podcast, Golub talks with Mayfield Fund’s Navin Chaddha about picking apricots in Silicon Valley, learnings from the challenging Plaxo journey, his excitement around leading Docker, the cur

Docker Hires Former Twitter Exec Mike Gupta As Its New CFO

Docker today announced that it has hired former Twitter CFO and Zynga treasurer Mike Gupta as its new CFO. Last July, Gupta moved to the role of senior vice president (SVP) in charge of strategic inve

YC Answers The Questions You Ask (“A Lot”)

Earlier today, Y Combinator President Sam Altman posted the type of numbers about which he gets asked “a lot” -- calling them (humbly and probably rightly) “very imperfect indicators of success.

Google’s Container Engine For Running Docker Containers On Its Cloud Platform Is Now Generally Available

Google’s Container Engine, its service for running and managing Docker containers on its cloud platform using its open source Kubernetes system, is now out of beta and generally available. This

Mesosphere And Microsoft Bring Mesos To Windows Server

Mesosphere, the company that aims to build a container-centric "operating system for the data center" based on the Apache Mesos project, is giving the first public demo of Mesos running on the preview

A Look At Startup Opportunities In The Container Era

The DockerCon user conference recently concluded in San Francisco, and the evidence of the container movement gaining momentum was clear -- 2,000+ attendees, 70 sponsors and more than 40 exhibitors. A
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