Dock Connector

The Sweet, Sweet Cruelty Of Apple’s New Lightning Connector For iPhone 5

Apple's new iPhone 5 comes with a <a title="Apple’s New Lightning Connector: What It Does And Doesn’t Change" href="

The “Leaks” Keep Coming: New Images Reportedly Show New iPhone’s Tiny Dock Connector

If rumors hold true, Apple should be gearing up to unveil its latest iGadgets in just a few weeks, and it's no surprise that all sorts of questionable leaks are now worming their way into daylight.

Death To The Dock Connector? Apple Is Looking For A Connector Design Engineer

Could Apple really be looking to end their longstanding affair with the 30-pin Dock Connector? It's been a move that's been rumored for years, and a job opening at Cupertino for a<a href="http://jobs.