CrowdStrike, the firm investigating Russian hacks, raised $100M, now valued around $1B

The business of hacking has dealt a huge blow to our democracy, not to mention a plethora of organizations and individuals, and our collective sense of sanity. One silver lining, however, has been th

Tech reacts to Clinton’s DNC speech

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was delivered in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s speech at last week’s Republican National Convention. He

Donald Trump irresponsibly asks Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to steal some of the Democratic Party’s spotlight during the Democratic Convention with yet another puzzling declaration. At <a target="_blank" hre

WikiLeaks publishes 19,252 DNC-related emails packed with personal information

WikiLeaks has put online a searchable database of thousands of emails sent to and from top figures in the Democratic National Committee — many of which contain personal and financial information of

President Obama Will Headline DNC Fundraiser Hosted By YC’s Sam Altman And Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer

This May 8th, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will hold a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee headlined by President Obama. The fête will take place at Y C

Barack Obama’s Record-Setting Speech: 52,757 Tweets Per Minute, 9M Total DNC Tweets

The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, spoke at the Democratic National Convention tonight and broke some Twitter records while he was at it, according to the company. Extra p

ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, & Primetime going high-def

About damn time. ABC is the last major network to make the HD jump but the network is using the Democratic National Convention to premier their nightly news in high definition. Both ABC World News, as

If you care, CNN is broadcasting the entire DNC in HD

The boob tube has been squawking lately about some big political event next week in Denver. If you plan on tuning in, Multichannel News is reporting that CNN plans on broadcasting the entire shebang i