Twitter Tries To Keep People Engaged With Web Notifications For DMs And Tweaks To Tweet Sharing On Android

If you’re a Twitter on the web user, like I am, then you’ll be happy to know that the company has now introduced web notifications when you get a direct message. Just keep Twitter open in

Twitter Adds Group DMs, Mobile Video Capture And Editing

Twitter has added the ability to Direct Message with more than one person at a time, meaning you can now have private group conversations on the service. They’re also rolling out the ability to

Twitter Tests Cleaner Web Client Design With More Prominent Logo And Tweet Composer

Twitter is testing a new website design, which opts for a lighter, flat design that seems at least partly inspired by its shift to similar design trends on mobile. The screens below were sent in by Bo

Twitter’s Attitude Toward DMs Shows Signs Of Thawing With Direct Link In Top Bar

Twitter has been rejiggering its thinking about direct messaging recently, largely in the face of enormous messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat and others. Today, the signs of Twitter&#82

Twitter’s Theoretically Temporary URL Messaging Ban Due To Massive Wave Of DM Spam

Late yesterday afternoon many Twitter users began to notice that they could no longer send Direct Messages containing URLs. The complaints about the issue gained steam late into the night, when we rep

Twitter Says A ‘Technical Issue’ Is Preventing URLs From Being Sent In Direct Messages For Some

Earlier this afternoon Twitter users began experiencing difficulty sending URLs or ‘links’ via Direct Message. Depending on the client used, error messages popped up that indicated the DMs

Twitter Solves The Follow-Back Tango, Enables Direct Messages From All Your Followers

Twitter has pushed out a feature update that is extremely useful for journalists like myself, and anyone else who hopes to use Twitter to communicate both publicly and privately. The social network no