• November 20: BioShock DLC for PS3

    Hey there, BioShock-playing PS3 gamers. Take-Two has announced the DLC options for the game, which they call “Add-On Game Content,” no doubt just to be different from those jerks over at Xbox 360. (I kid, of course.) Starting November 20 you can download the pack for $9.99, which consists of three Challenge Room environments, whatever those are. Note that the game came out for the… Read More

  • Those 20 free tracks for Rock Band 2 to be available November 4th

    Oh. I see. Not to sound ungrateful but I kinda thought the whole “20 free downloadable tracks” for Rock Band 2 owners might have included at least a few somewhat well-known tracks. Well it turns out that those 20 tracks are actually preselected from what MTV and Harmonix are calling the “Emerging Artist Lineup.” On the bright side, they could very well be the… Read More

  • Spore expansion set for November; let the chiseling begin

    As visionary as Will Wright is, I think Spore has been compromised by his commercial sensibilities — or those of Maxis’ marketers. An interesting article in this month’s Seed suggests that the game was originally less commercially viable than it is now, and the original vision was muddied somewhat by the need to reach a wide audience. Unfortunate, but perhaps… Read More

  • Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Underworld to get exclusive DLC

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_I3WCJ5FQ%5D Eidos has announced that two new DLC’s with up to six hours of extra gameplay will be available for Tomb Raider: Underworld on the Xbox 360. The first chapter, Tomb Raider: Underworld – Beneath the Ashes will hit before Christmas with TR:U – Lara’s Shadow to follow in 2009. A demo of TR:U will be available sometime this month… Read More

  • Some source: GTA IV DLC this November, count on it

    Downloadable content (DLC) for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV should be available this November. Eurogamer, in true Woodward and Bernstein style, claim to have a source who swears up and down that the DLC is shaping up nicely, and will be comprised of two, 10-hour episodes. Considering many games don’t even top out at 20 hours these days, gamers should be in for a treat in… Read More

  • Rumor: GTA IV DLC coming in Q1 of 2009

    VG247 seems to have the inside scoop that Rockstar will release DLC for GTA IV sometime in January or February. There are mixed signals as to when the content will arrive since MS claims the “first episodes” will be out in “autumn” while T2 says it will arrive in their Q1, which is November to January. We’ll have to wait this one out. Read More

  • EA considering Spore downloadable content: Yes, you'd have to pay for it

    EA would love to be able to sell you Spore parts in the future. Heads, arms, planets, etc. This isn’t surprising given EA’s history, but it’s fodder enough for anti-EA zealots to freak out, to be sure. That’s provided the game sells well enough for EA to even have the opportunity to nickel and dime us later on. How is it, then, that Valve can keep releasing content… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 4 for Wii gets downloadable content

    Because of the Wii’s rather silly amount of storage space available (512MB), developers have been loath to plan on downloadable content for the system. But Vicarious, the developers for the upcoming Guitar Hero 4, understand that to make the most of the Wii market may be the difference between a success and a smashing success, so they’re doing it anyway. They’re not… Read More

  • Official: PS3 will "probably" see DLC for GTA IV

    Downloadable content? For my PS3 version of GTA IV? It’s more likely than you think, at least according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Reeves, who wouldn’t go so far as to confirm it’s coming, but was very vocal in saying “probably” to videogamer.com. Downloadable content is one of the things Xbox owners like to hang over the heads of PS3 fans when it comes… Read More