dj hero

  • CrunchDeals: DJ Hero (Xbox 360) for $59

    If the $120 price tag that initially accompanied DJ Hero as it made its way to market in late October of last year seemed a bit steep to you (and apparently, you weren’t alone) then you may be interested to hear that you can get the Xbox 360 bundle for $59 from Read More

  • Predictable rumor: Activision looking to bring DJ Hero to mobile platforms

    The rumor: Activision is looking to bring DJ Hero to mobile devices. You can assume the iPhone would be among the platforms supported. The facts: DJ Hero didn’t do too well, but Activision put a hell of a lot of money into it, so it wants to make as much of that back as possible. Read More

  • Activision alludes to DJ Hero 2: Go ahead and pretend to be surprised

    There will be a DJ Hero 2. Yes, I realize that saying that—Activision will make a sequel to one of its games—is akin to saying earthquakes are bad, or that candy is delicious, but there you have it. The sequel was confirmed as part of a contest. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: DJ Hero for $85

    Amazon is unloading Activision’s new-ish DJ Hero package for $85 across all current-generation systems – that’s down from $100+ elsewhere. The bundle is also available on PlayStation 2, although it’s priced at $98.99. That’s “whack” as most popular DJ’s might say. That’s a thing, right? Whack? The standard bundle includes the DJ Hero game… Read More

  • Activision calls DJ Hero but a ‘first step’ in expanding the music game genre beyond rock

    Here’s comes another DJ Hero story. Activision called the game’s launch “successful” at a conference call yesterday, saying that the game represents a “first step toward diversifying beyond rock” and into other genres, like hip hop and electronic music. In other words, the game’s soft sales aren’t necessarily a cause for alarm (if you were… Read More

  • Too expensive? DJ Hero sales ‘modest’

    While there’s no hard numbers, an analyst over at Capital Markets has called the sales of DJ Hero “modest.” Usually you want phrases like “brisk pace” and “exceeding expectations” when you release big ticket games like DJ Hero, but it doesn’t seem to be happening here. Read More

  • Big Day in Gaming, October 27th edition: Forza Motorsport 3, Tekken 6 & DJ Hero

    Today’s a pretty big day in gaming, ladies and gents. You’ve got DJ Hero, Tekken 6, and Forza Motorsport 3 all coming out today. (Incidentally, I’ll have like a mini FM3 “review” tomorrow, and we may have some fun Tekken news this week to share—stay tuned!) So I decided to go around some of the big gaming sites, and take select quotes, completely out of… Read More

  • In case you missed it, DJ Hero is available today

    Yes, you can leave work early today. No need to ask your boss, he/she is okay with it. If you haven’t had your fill of music rhythm games by now or you watched with a furrowed brow as guitar-based game after guitar-based game flooded the market, your giant headphones covering only one of your ears and held in place by your own shoulder just like your favorite DJs, then you’ll want… Read More

  • Oh dear: Analyst slashes DJ Hero sales expectations by 50 percent

    Interesting note regarding DJ Hero, where “interesting” means “potentially bad news.” One of those fancy analyst types, someone at Cowen and Company, has slashed sales expectations by a little more than 50 percent. That’s nothing to brush aside if you’re Activision. Read More