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CrunchDeals: DJ Hero (Xbox 360) for $59

<img src="" alt="" />If the $120 price tag that initially accompanied DJ Hero as <a href="

Predictable rumor: Activision looking to bring DJ Hero to mobile platforms

<img src="" />The rumor: Activision is looking to bring <i>DJ Hero</i> to mobile devices. You can assume the iPhone would be among the

Activision alludes to DJ Hero 2: Go ahead and pretend to be surprised

<img src="" />There will be a <i>DJ Hero 2</i>. Yes, I realize that saying that—Activision will make a sequel to one of its games&mda

CrunchDeals: DJ Hero for $85

Amazon is unloading Activision’s new-ish DJ Hero package for $85 across all current-generation systems – that’s down from $100+ elsewhere. The bundle is also available on PlayStation 2, although

Activision calls DJ Hero but a ‘first step’ in expanding the music game genre beyond rock

<img src="" />Here's comes another <a HREF=""><i>DJ Hero</i></a> story. Act

Too expensive? DJ Hero sales ‘modest’

<img src="" />While there's no hard numbers, an analyst over at Capital Markets has called the sales of <i>DJ Hero</i> “modest.” Usu

Big Day in Gaming, October 27th edition: Forza Motorsport 3, Tekken 6 & DJ Hero

<img src="" />Today's a pretty big day in gaming, ladies and gents. You've got <i>DJ Hero</i>, <i>Tekken 6</i>, and <i>Forza Motorsport 3<

In case you missed it, DJ Hero is available today

<img src="" alt="40706-hi-DJ_Hero" />Yes, you can leave work early today. No need to ask your boss, he/she is okay with it. If y

Oh dear: Analyst slashes DJ Hero sales expectations by 50 percent

<img src="" />Interesting note regarding <a HREF=""><i>DJ Hero</i></a>, where “inte

DJ Hero track list: 100 songs, 93 mash-ups

  Here you go – the official list of mash-ups that’ll appear in DJ Hero when it becomes available on October 27th. These are apparently all original, not-available-anywhere-else mixes.

No, you can't use the DJ Hero turntable on any other game

<img src="" />Bad news, sports fans. Well, to be specific, <a HREF="

DJ Hero Renegade Edition shipping 10/27 for $200

Dang. I now know to put aside $200 for the Renegade Edition. Pre-order DJ Hero for all three major consoles and get it in time for Halloween. Xbox edition [Gamestop] PS3 edition [Gamestop] Wii edition

DJ Hero Renegade Edition unveiled

Ooh la la. I guess I know what I’m saving up for later this year. While we’ve known about a special edition Eminem and Jay-Z DJ Hero for some time, it wasn’t until this morning that

Overpay Britannia: DJ Hero for $180 in the UK, but only $120 in the U.S.

<img src="" />How much would you be willing to pay for <i>DJ Hero</i>? The latest news or rumors or whatever you want to call it is

Amazon lists DJ Hero for $119 (including turntable)

<img src="" />I'm not sure how much faith we should put in these numbers, but here we go. Amazon has <i>DJ Hero</i>, of which I'm still

On second thought, DJ Hero is sorta silly

<img src="" />I know that, in the beginning, the idea of <i>DJ Hero</i> appealed to me. As a fan of house and related genres—Renai

Video: The E3 DJ Hero trailer

<img src="">You've played other <a href="">faux music games</a>. You've seen <a href="http://w

DJ Hero controller makes an appearance

<img src="" alt="DJHero" />Presenting the controller for Activision's upcoming <em>DJ Hero</em> game. And wouldn't you know it, it's a t

GameStop, the arbiter of the video game industry, would like to see some price cuts

<img src="" />Since when the does video game industry bow to what GameStop thinks? Your guess is as good as mine, but the company's CE

Activision's DJ Hero Web site is now live (but don't expect too much information)

<img src="" />Heads up, wannabes. The Web site for Activision's upcoming game <i>DJ Hero</i> has now gone live. There's, like, zero i
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