• DIYSEO Raises $1 Million, Launches Simple Service To Help Small Businesses Manage SEO

    We wrote about founder of Text Link Ads Patrick Gavin’s latest venture, DIYSEO, last year, back when the startup was in stealth mode. DIYSEO aims to target small businesses who have a $500 budget and can only put 25 man hours per year towards online marketing and search engine optimization. Today, Gavin is announcing cool $1 million in new funding from undisclosed angel investors and… Read More

  • Will Offer Small Businesses Affordable SEO Services

    The founder of Text Link Ads (which was acquired by Media Whiz in 2007) Patrick Gavin, is launching another startup related to search engine optimization. Search marketing is a fast growing industry and becoming a vital part of a businesses strategy to maintaining a presence online. There are many firms out there that have developed products and software to aid businesses search, including… Read More