Divya Gugnani

(Founder Stories) Send The Trend’s Gugnani & Chris Dixon Discuss M&A

In episode II of <a href="http://www.sendthetrend.com/about-us">Divya Gugnani's</a> <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with host Chris Dixon, the two dive into M&A, a topic that both founders know

(Founder Stories) Send The Trend’s Gugnani On Seizing An Idea, Surviving A Crash & Being Acquired By QVC

<a href="http://www.sendthetrend.com/about-us">Divya Gugnani</a> is the co-founder of <a href="http://www.sendthetrend.com/main">Send the Trend</a>, a New York based startup that was recently <a href=