Dear Sophie: Can I still get a green card through marriage if I’m divorcing?

I received a conditional green card after I got married in 2019. We decided to divorce, but I want to remain in the U.S. Is it still possible for me to complete my green card based on my marriage?

Hello Divorce raises $2M so that couples can say ‘good-bye’ easier

Divorce is messy and stressful, made even messier and stressful when a couple is unable to go through the legal process because of the cost.

CoParenter helps divorced parents settle disputes using AI and human mediation

A former judge and family law educator has teamed up with tech entrepreneurs to launch an app they hope will help divorced parents better manage their co-parenting disputes, communications, shared cal

Woman divorces husband over World of Warcraft addiction

[photopress:wowdivorce.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Some boring woman is divorcing her husband in California because she says he spends too much time playing World of Warcraft, ignoring her in the