COSMIQ maker Deepblu launches a booking platform it calls the “Airbnb of diving”

After it took James Tsuei a month of research and emails to plan a dive in Indonesia, he decided it was time for his startup, Deepblu, to launch a booking platform for divers. Planet Deepblu bills its

Cult game Football Manager 2018 is adding support for gay players

Cult soccer football simulation game Football Manager has taken an historic step with the introduction of support for gay players in its next launch. The upcoming 2018 version of the franchise, which

Giveaway: YEMA Diving Chronograph Watch

<img src="http://www.yemausa.com/products/Yema%20Diving/YMHF0410/product_20100826191807_YMHF0410.jpg">Over on aBlogtoRead.com you can win a YEMA Diving Chronograph Ref. YMHF0202R watch. Pretty neat lo

Diving mask captures HD video

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/0249-hddigitalcameramask.jpg">Hot damn, I kind of wish I snorkeled more. I did it once and haven't done it since. I gotta get back into i

Cool solutions for using GPS devices underwater

There’s a pretty interesting MSN group made up of diving enthusiasts dedicated to using GPS devices while underwater. GPS signals aren’t able to penetrate water to any meaningful depth so

Serket, formerly Scorpion, launches Reef Diver 2.0

One of my favorite homebrew watchmakers, Serket, just launched the Reef Diver 2.0, a beefy automatic with a beautiful huge bezel. I loved the original Reef Diver and this new model has added some inte