• iFixit gives a Blendtec blender the once-over

    Ever wonder exactly how the people at Blendtec manage to blend, well, pretty much everything? Curious are ya? Well, the crazy folks at iFixit got hold of the base model (only 1560 watts) and took that bad boy apart. What follows, is internet history. Read More

  • Pleo dies for our sins

    Pleo, everyone’s favorite animatronic dinosaur, has been completely disassembled by iFixIt, leading to a rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth up and down the “cuteness corridor” that runs from San Jose to Cleveland. IFixIt, the guys who taught us all how to open our MacBooks and get at the juicy innards, decided to cut down Pleo as a lark. It makes me cry just to look at… Read More