Disrupt NY 2016

Spinn taps into $40M to create better coffee brewing, discovery experiences

When you are a coffee lover, taste matters, and Spinn is brewing up some fresh funding to bring connected coffee to new customers through its hardware-enabled coffee marketplace.

Ruhnn, a Chinese startup that makes influencers, raises $125M in U.S. IPO

Ruhnn, a company that enables influencers to sell through e-commerce and is plotting to change the face of China’s fashion industry, has raised $125 million after it listed on the Nasdaq on Wedn

Honest Company may be raising a down round

The Honest Company, the five-year-old natural body and home care products company co-founded by the actress Jessica Alba, looks to be raising $75 million in new venture capital funding at $19.60 per s

Announcing the Disrupt London Hackathon sponsor prizes, and last chance for tickets

This year’s TechCrunch Disrupt London Hackathon is set to be the best yet. We’re mere days away from the main event and are bursting with excitement. As we’ve been releasing inform

Announcing the Disrupt London Hackathon judges, API workshop, and tickets

The TechCrunch Disrupt London Hackathon kicks off on Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Copper Box Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and we’re honored to welcome this year’s stellar judges. Sa

Spinn’s futuristic coffee maker is now available for pre-order

At Disrupt NY in May we had the pleasure of seeing a very cool hardware startup make its debut on the Battlefield, looking to make waves in an industry very close to my heart (and mouth): coffee. Now

Razer’s CEO says the company is looking at going public – when it’s ready

Razer’s not your average startup. For one thing, there’s the fact that the company has roots dating back to 1998, making it enough to vote or buy a lottery ticket here in the US (except in Nebrask

Dr. Pepper is not a real doctor, but it could help overloaded schools prioritize patients

“Doing something for children was our first thought,” Camilo F. Buscaron explains, fresh of the Disrupt Hackathon stage. “We wanted to do something in education.” At some point during the

30 memorable quotes from Disrupt NY 2016

Disrupt NY 2016 was full of fascinating panels on everything from dating apps to cybersecurity. Weren’t able to catch every second? The TechCrunch social media team has compiled the best of the

5 days after Disrupt NY, the beard is still gone and the Red Hook Initiative is $4,500 richer

So I know some of y'all were worried about me after I agreed to have my face shaved at Disrupt NY to raise money for the Red Hook Initiative. I just wanted to check in and let you know what life post-

Highlights from Disrupt NY 2016

The doors to TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 opened May 9 at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. The three-day conference hosted 2,300 attendees and hundreds of thousands more tuning in online. Indeed, Disru

Watch our short video recaps of Disrupt NY 2016

Disrupt NY 2016 has come to an end, and our video team put together three short videos that summarize each day of the event.

A look at the machine that turns dough pods into tortillas

It’s actually very tasty. Really. I certainly had my doubts, eating a tortilla that came out of a pod, but 90 or so seconds after Flatev co-founder and CEO Carlos Ruiz put the little Keurig-esque p

And the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 is… Beam

The competition has been incredibly fierce, but we now have a winner. At the very beginning, there were 22 startups. We hand-picked all these great companies from the wild world of startup land so tha

General Michael Hayden on the state of surveillance in America, presidential candidates and more

General Michael Hayden is no stranger to government — or to your data. As the former director of the NSA and the CIA, he oversaw controversial surveillance programs and had authority over some of th

GeoOrbital’s wheel turns almost any bike into an electric bike

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016's "wildcard" participant GeoOrbital has a different take on the electric bike. Instead of putting a motor on the bike, they put it in the wheel. This crazy idea was actually

Carmelo Anthony looks to be a VC MVP with Melo7 Tech Partners

Carmelo Anthony, already a superstar forward for the New York Knicks, is looking ahead to his next act as a venture capital mogul. Coupling his longtime interest in technology with a desire to promote

Agrilyst raises $1M seed round for its indoor agriculture analytics service

Agrilyst, the winner of our Disrupt SF 2015 Battlefield competition, today announced it has raised a $1 million seed round for its indoor agriculture analytics service. The round was led by Brooklyn

Kik already has over 6,000 bots reaching 300 million registered users

Messenger and WhatsApp may be the 800-pound gorillas in the chat space thanks to Facebook's significant reach, but Waterloo-based Kik is rapidly building a young, dedicated audience of users that are

Bolt Threads raises $50 million to brew spider silk, inks deal with Patagonia

If the idea of wearing spider silk intrigues, the idea of managing a farm full of spiders isn’t all that appealing. A startup called <a target="_blank" href="https://boltthreads.com">Bolt Threads</a
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