Disrupt Hackathon

Announcing our Disrupt Berlin Hackathon judges and the third release of free hack tickets

The third time could be the charm if you haven’t yet scored your free tickets to the Disrupt Berlin Hackathon. Today, we’ve released a third batch of tickets to the most exciting, grueling, 24-h

With PeppAR Waiter, SoftBank’s cute robot shows you your food in 3D before you order

Crappy photos in restaurant menus be gone! Robots and augmented reality are here and ready to kill you off. That's the plan for the future, at least, as PeppAR Waiter -- an ambitious and forward-looki

Diagnose your plant’s health with your smartphone camera and Plantbot

There’s plenty of information online to help people figure out whether their plants are healthy and what they need to do to make them better. But they can be distributed far across the Internet

Git Bounty Wants To Help Open-Source Programmers Get Paid For Bug Fixes

If you're using open-source software, you've probably come across a bug that you want to fix but don't have the expertise to do it yourself -- and the original author isn't all that interested in fixi