• Sony ships $200 universal USB docking station

    We’ll start seeing more and more of these universal notebook docking stations (I’m currently reviewing one by StarTech) but Sony gets out of the gate quickly with the somewhat-expensive VGP-UPR1 USB docking station with DisplayLink technology. These USB docking stations are basically glorified USB hubs with external VGA or DVI graphics adapters, audio and microphone inputs… Read More

  • DisplayLink + LG, Sending Video Signals Over USB Like It's Going Out of Style

    Sending video monitor signals over USB? No, you’re not dreaming an unattainable dream, but looking at pics of the first monitor here in the U.S. that works over a USB cable. Powered by DisplayLink’s DL-160 chip, the Vista-certified LG L206WU works by connecting to any PC’s USB port. System side software sends the video to the display where the DisplayLink chip does all… Read More