Looking Glass launches second-gen holographic displays

Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory today announced the release of a pair of second-gen holographic displays. Following up on late-last year’s release of the entry-level Portrait, the startup is of

Samsung’s new flexible display can withstand a lot of drops

There are those who will almost certainly take Samsung’s declaration of an “unbreakable” display as a challenge. That’s just human nature. For every one else, there’s something undeniably ap

Duet Makes Your iPad A No-Compromise Display For Your Mac

iPad-as-secondary-display apps have been around almost as long as the iPad, but most who used them once have seldom used them since. These things mostly work over Wi-Fi, and work poorly over Wi-Fi at

iMac With Retina 5K Display Review: Meet The Best Desktop Computer Available

Apple’s newest iMac has the best display ever on a computing device. Let’s just get that out the way right at the start: You won’t find a better screen anywhere else, period. The 27-

Apple Said To Be Testing 1704×960 Resolution Display For iPhone 6

A new report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman claims Apple is testing a 1704×960 resolution display for its upcoming iPhone. The new display res for the iPhone 6 would allow the device to keep th

Apple Patents Wraparound Edge-Mounted iPhone Displays With Virtual Buttons

Apple has a new patent granted today (spotted by AppleInsider) for a side-mounted wraparound display that could be used to add virtual buttons to the edges of future iPhones in place of physical contr

Apple Patents MacBook Keys With Built-In Displays, Touch Sensors And Haptic Feedback

Apple may be planning a big upgrade for the standard computer keyboard, according to a new patent filing published by the USPTO and spotted by AppleInsider today. The filing describes a notebook keybo

Apple Said To Be Looking To Bring Display Chip Design Mostly In-House

Apple is looking to acquire a 55 percent stake in a joint venture between Sharp and Taiwanese company Powerchip formed to develop chips for use in smartphone displays, according to a new report by Jap

Apple Reportedly Looking To Expand GT Advanced Sapphire Plant In Arizona

Apple is said to be exploring options to expand the facility it’s building with manufacturing partner GT Advanced Technologies in Arizona, a facility which is going to be used to help the compan

Apple Patents Smudge-Resistant Sapphire Coating, Suggesting Displays Are On The Way

Apple has filed for a patent (via AppleInsider) that adds further fuel to the fire around the possibility it will use sapphire glass for future device displays. The the new application describes how a

Apple Sapphire Supplier GT Advanced Talks New Customers, Hints At Fall iPhone Launch

Apple’s sapphire manufacturing partner GT Advanced released its fourth-quarter fiscal results today, and they announced a bunch of numbers and stuff about profitability as you might expect. But

Apple Patents Sapphire Display Tech After Last Year’s $578M Deal With Sapphire Maker

Apple has had a patent approved today (via AppleInsider) that could make it a leader in a new kind of display material technology: Sapphire glass. The patent describes various methods for attaching sa

Apple Patents Displays With Better Color And A Maps App With Web-Based Data Layers

Apple has a couple of brand new patent applications out this morning that are quite different but that both offer a window into potential improvements being worked on in R&D. One deals with a meth

Samsung Murders Language With “Fonblet” Name, Promises Displays For Those With Superhuman Vision

Samsung is doing all kinds of crazy things just to get kudos for being 'FIrst!' these days, and now it's added two more "achievements" to that list: coining the terrible term "fonblet" and promising d

iPad Mini Display Under The Microscope: Not As Good As iPad 4th Gen, But Much Better Than iPad 2

The iPad mini may have a display that's being singled out in most reviews as below Apple's recent standards, but a look under the microscope by Repair Labs affirms what I've been noticing in person: w

Samsung To Cut The Cord, End LCD Panel Supply Relationship With Apple

Samsung told The Korea Times on Monday that it will end its LCD panel supply relationship with Apple as of next year. That's according to a "senior Samsung source" who declined to be identified, citin

Begun, The Retina Wars Have

As we approach the E3, the electronic gaming show in early June, I suspect that the value of "Retina" high-resolution displays will soon become apparent. While the prospect of <a href="https://techcru

Big Phones? So Over.

The other day, Matt made a desperate plea: <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/03/27/please-do-not-buy-cheap-android-phones/">"Please don't buy cheap Android phones."</a> To do so is a mistake, and t

Review: The Playstation 3D Display Lets You Bring All Of Your Friends

Back at E3, the gaming world let out a collective groan when Sony announced they were making a special 3D TV for the PS3. However, that groan swiftly turned into a clamor of adoration once it was expl

Toshiba Shows Mobile LCD With 2,560 × 1,600 Resolution And 498PPI Density

If you thought the 4.5-Inch LCD screen with 720x1,280 pixels resolution <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/09/28/hitachi-develops-low-cost-high-quality-4-5-inch-lcds-for-phones/">Hitachi showed thre
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