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Google’s display advertising business is under antitrust probe in Italy

Italy’s competition authority has opened an antitrust investigation into Google’s display ad business — adding another allegation of abuse of a dominant position to the tech giant&#8

These 3 factors are holding back podcast monetization

If we want podcasting to continue to scale beyond its current and projected advertising revenue heights, we need to resolve some fundamental challenges.

How to use Amazon and advertising to build a D2C startup

Entrepreneurship in consumer packaged goods is being democratized. This article focuses on customer acquisition, particularly Amazon and online advertising, for the direct-to-consumer CPG venture...

Twilio launches SendGrid Ads and new cross-channel messaging API

At its annual Signal developer conference, Twilio today announced a couple of new features for developers on its core messaging platform and users of its recently acquired SendGrid email service. The

Targeted ads offer little extra value for online publishers, study suggests

How much value do online publishers derive from behaviorally targeted advertising that uses privacy-hostile tracking technologies to determine which advert to show a website user? A new piece of resea

After YouTube boycott, Google pulls ads from more types of offensive content

Google is pulling display ads from being placed alongside a wider range of content on YouTube and other sites, in the wake of a spike of criticism that its automatic, programmatic advertising seemingl

IAB: 6-Month Internet U.S. Ad Revenues Hit All-Time High Of $17B But Growth Slowing Again, Mobile Booming

The IAB has published its <a target="_blank" href="www.iab.net/AdRevenueReport">half-year sales report</a> for Internet advertising in the U.S.: it's come out to just over $17 billion for the first si

Is Facebook Testing Out New Newsfeed And Skyscraper Display Ad Units In New Zealand? No, Adware Strikes Again

New Zealand was the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/12/06/timeline-new-zealand/">first country</a> to get Facebook's new-look Timeline last December. Now the country looks like it may be putting

Kiosked Nabs $5.75M From Rovio Chairman To Give Publishers An Alternative To Banner Ads

Banner ads have been around for over a decade, and though they may have been effective back in the mid-'90s, today they just feel like relics. You probably can't remember the last time you clicked on

Ad Startup Rocket Fuel Just Had Its First Profitable Quarter

Startup Rocket Fuel claims to apply "rocket science" to ad campaigns, and it sounds like that science is turning into real revenue. The company says it made $44.5 million in revenue last year, compare

AdClarity Tells Advertisers Exactly What The Competition Is Up To

Israeli company BIScience has a launched a new product called AdClarity, which it says will give advertisers more data than they've ever had about their competitors' advertising plans. CEO Orey Gil

AT&T, Google Among The Biggest Online Advertisers — comScore

As part of its 2012 US Digital Future in Focus whitepaper, comScore looked at the online ad landscape and found a mix of old and new names. The report includes a list of the top 10 display advertisers

Investigation: Google, "The Rise Of DSPs," And What's Really Fueling Its Display Ad Growth

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/cash-pile.jpg"> Google is blowing the doors off with its display advertising business, which is doing so well that the company bragged about