disk encryption

Security researchers have busted the encryption in several popular Crucial and Samsung SSDs

Researchers at Radboud University have found critical security flaws in several popular Crucial and Samsung solid state drives (SSDs), which they say can be easily exploited to recover encrypted data

Qualcomm says it issued patch for Android encryption flaw over a year ago

Cracking encryption is a topic of perpetual fascination. Congress has made several efforts to legislate it. The FBI tried to force Apple to do it. New messaging apps constantly debut with claims about

Hey Hey, My My, Strong Encryption Will Never Die

There are two types of people in the world: people who will encrypt and people who will not. The former cohort is far smaller than the latter. That should change, but it won’t. In essence the ar

Solving The Persistent Security Threats For The Internet Of Things

The security problem -- and, just as important, the security risks that consumers perceive in internet-connected devices -- represents a real threat to the hundreds of millions of dollars companies ar

Apple’s Encryption Fight Turns To The UK

After a major victory in the United States, Apple is facing an another threat to its encryption efforts on a different front: the United Kingdom. Though the Cupertino-based tech giant typically shi

Bad RAM: Disk encryption vulnerable to attack

Disk encryption, in its current implementation, is a joke. But it’s hardly the software makers’ fault. Princeton researchers have developed a method to defeat a form of disk encryption tha