GetJar Shifts Focus From Distribution To Discovery And Commerce, As Its Virtual Currency Hits 50M Users, 60% Of Revs

You may know <a target="_blank" href="">GetJar</a> as the largest independent, cross-platform app store, and one of the largest distributors of Android apps outside of the Androi

Good News For Discovery Apps: Apple Allows Apps To Sell Other Apps Directly In iOS 6

Apple recently <a href="" title="How A New Apple Developer Guideline Could

App Map For iOS Lets You See What Apps Are Popular In Your Area

One of the things that I usually end up doing at a bar, either after a few drinks or massive boredom, is discuss my latest favorite iOS apps. You know what I'm talking about, a bunch of nerds sitting

Tipflare: Two MIT Seniors Build A One-Stop Shop For Recommendations On Anything

With so much information, content and so many services now living online, there's a lot of choice -- even for something as simple as where to go to buy a new pair of socks. Oh, and there's a lot of da

Hoppit Launches The World’s First Ambience Search Engine For Restaurants

Finding a good restaurant - even in a city you've never been to - has never been easier. Thanks to Yelp, Urbanspoon and its various brethren, a good place to eat is generally just a few clicks away. W

Lightbank-Backed Social Travel Planning Service Gtrot Shifts To Local Discovery

Social travel planning service <a href="">Gtrot</a> is changing its focus and is now officially relaunching its website with a new emphasis on local discovery. Somewhat reminiscent o

Engineering Serendipity

I don’t know if <a href="">Highlight</a>, <a href="">Glancee</a>, <a href="">Banjo</a>, or any one of those <a href="

Sir Richard Branson & Flipboard Investor Jerry Murdock Put Nearly $1M Into MySocialCloud

<a href="">MySocialCloud</a> is a new, and somewhat stealthy, startup that aims to organize your online life through bookmarking, stream consolidation, filtering and auto-log

Amazon’s Biggest Deal Yet: Discovery Brings 3,000 More Titles To Amazon Instant Video

Amazon <a href="">announced</a> a new licensing deal this morning with Discovery Communications, the medi

The Everything Project: Building A Google For The Mobile Web App Ecosystem

One of the biggest challenges we’re facing as we move into the post-PC era is the challenge of navigating through a disconnected web of applications. Bought and sold as self-contained packages of co

Netflix, Discovery Ink Expanded Two-Year Licensing Agreement

Even <a href="">more news</a> from the <a href="">Netflix</a> camp, which has just <a href="http://www.prnewswir

PhotoAppLink Ties iPhone Photo Apps Together, Makes Multi-App Editing Simple

Several iPhone app developers have teamed up to launch <a href="">PhotoAppLink</a>, a new open source initiative that aims to simplify photo editing by tying multiple photo

How Discovery Will Drive Transactions

All year, I've heard some variation of this phrase: "<em>A big shift, from search to discovery, is underway online.</em>" I'm still figuring out what this means. I'd like to share my thoughts on it, a

StockTwits Gets Even More Social, Rolls Out Discovery Tools

<img src="" /> It's been a good start to the year for <a href="">StockTwits</a>. For starters, as we <a href="

Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Preparations For Last Flight Ever

<img src="" />Well this stinks. Space Shuttle Discovery is in the closing stages of preparation for its final flight ever. After that

Discovery, IMAX, and Sony team up for 3D TV station

<img src="">Just like clockwork more companies are announcing its plans for a 3D TV stations. ESPN's plans <a href="http://w

Quick Look: Plantronics Discovery 975

I don’t use many Bluetooth headsets – I rarely drive – but I found the Discover 975 to be a welcome addition to the headset pantheon. Unlike larger – or, dare I say, smaller &#

Not A Myth To Bust: Discovery Channel Hits The App Store

<img src="" width="215" height="112" /> Scientist wannabes, rejoice! Discovery Communications has released a <a href="http://dsc.d

Peter Ha died on July 6, 2009, what the hell is Frenzied Waters

No joke, I just received my obituary in the mail today at the office. Apparently, I died while surfing at Rockaway on Monday, July 6th. That’s news to me. I’ve never surfed Rockaway. The conte

Discovery Acquires How Stuff Works For $250 Million

Discovery Networks have acquired How Stuff Works for $250 million. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Discovery plans to use the site “as the cornerstone of an effort to bring its vast l
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