Crunch Report | 20 People Fired at Uber

Bozoma Saint John leaves Apple for Uber, 20 people get fired at Uber over sexual harassment, Amazon discounts Amazon Prime for the less fortunate and Pinterest passes a $12 billion valuation. All this

Crunch Report | Judge Rules CRISPR-Cas9 Belongs to Broad Institute

Verizon is reportedly getting a $250 million discount on its Yahoo deal, judge rules CRISPR-Cas9 belongs to the Broad Institute and not UC Berkeley, Pixar teaches the art of storytelling on Khan Acade

Exclusive Cyber Monday Wrist Watch Deals

<img src=""> is offering five special watch discounts on a few name brand high-end watches through for

Show mom you love her at least 20%

<img src="" />Heads up, everyone: <a href="">Mother's Day</a> is this weekend. Please don

CrunchDeals: $50 off AppleTV @ Costco

Costco is offering a $50 discount on AppleTVs in stores until the 23rd or 26th of this month depending on who you ask. Considering the upcoming HD content coming to the little guy, you may want to inv

Zune Goes Discount, Contributes to $289 Million Loss for Microsoft

here at the Gear, and there are good reasons for that. When the largest technology company in the country (world?) decides to go head-to-head with the de facto variant of the MP3 player, we have to re