• First 3D baseball game ever will air on DirecTV in July

    Listen, it’s all well and good that DirecTV gets to make these grandiloquent announcements that it’s going to offer this or that sport in 3D—today’s news is that DirecTV will be the first TV provider to show a Major League Baseball game in 3D with this July 10 and July 11’s Yankees-Mariners clash on the YES Network—but I have one question: why in… Read More

  • DirecTV would like to remind you that they will have Avatar on time, unlike Netflix

    We’re starting to see the results of Netflix’s deal with the devil. DirecTV really wants to make sure you know that while Netflix won’t have Fox and Time Warner’s movies at release day, they will be on PPV. Is that the sound of someone rubbing their hands together in a greedy way? Read More

  • DirecTV will launch 3D capability in June, including ESPN 3D

    DirecTV will be among the first television providers to offer ESPN 3D. The channel launches this June, and DirecTV will place it alongside two other 3D channels, a 24/7 pay-per-view channel and a movies on-demand channel. Read More

  • Verizon to buy DirecTV? Analysts like the idea.

    Ever since the DirecTV‘s CEO stepped down back in July, there has been talk about someone buying up the satellite TV provider. The latest analysis chatter states Verizon might pick up DirecTV to dramatically increase its marketshare overnight. The purchase would make Verizon second only to Comcast in subs when the DirecTV customer base is added to Verizon’s current FiOS subscribers… Read More

  • Video: DirecTV's App Store leaves a lot to be desired

    I know the DirectTV app store has been out for a bit, but I watched this video and was shocked. It seems that DirecTV added these apps or widgets just to be cool and hip like everyone else. They seem like an afterthought and not a well-developed platform. Now, like Dave Zatz points out, it could be that the system has so much lag because of the crappy DirecTV house brand DVR, but don’t… Read More

  • No TiVo DirecTV DVR until 2010, sorry

    Bad news for DirecTV subs. If you have been waiting, and waiting to upgade your old TiVo Series 2-ish DirecTV DVR, you are going to have to wait a bit longer. It was reveled in the quarterly earnings call that the DVR isn’t going to be available this year, rather sometime in 2010. Read More

  • I'll be damned, Comcast and NFL Network finally worked things out

    Is this a trick? IT FEELS LIKE A TRICK! I’m either dead or dreaming because not only did Comcast and NFL Network just reach an agreement to make NFL Network part of Comcast’s Digital Classic package, but Comcast subscribers will also get access to the Red Zone Channel that’s usually shown only on DirecTV as part of the insanely expensive Sunday Ticket package. Read More

  • Liberty Media (DirecTV) saves Sirius XM, Mel Karmazin with last-minute loans

    Put away your pitchforks, angry investors, for Sirius XM has been saved by Liberty Media, the company that has a sizable stake in DirecTV. A deal was reached that sees Liberty Media invest (via loans) $530 million in the satellite radio operation, some of which will go straight to paying off that $170ish million in debt the company had until today to come up with. Mel Karmazin stays on as CEO… Read More

  • DirecTV now sniffing around Sirius XM: May be looking to brush aside Dish Network in possible deal

    This Sirius XM bankruptcy story is starting to read like some trashy novel. There’s now word that DirecTV is getting involved, with the CEO of its parent company Liberty Media, one John C. Malone, offering to bail out the troubled satellite radio company. Some see it as a genuine offer, while others see it merely as a ploy to jack up the price for Malone’s rival at EchoStar… Read More

  • After a break, TiVo and DirecTV are back in cahoots

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, back it up… beep… beep… beep. So DirecTV and TiVo have run back into each other’s loving arms despite a pretty ugly separation back in 2005. Back in the day, you could get DirecTV service with the very-excellent TiVo interface loaded into a pretty powerful dual-tuner box. Then all hell broke loose as DirecTV abruptly announced that it would be making its own… Read More

  • What's going on at Dish Network?

    Listen. We’re not in the game of financial advisory — even though we do know the game — but when Dish Network drops like an Olympic weightlifter, we take notice.  Shares of Dish Network Corp. fell sharply Wednesday after an analyst downgraded the stock due to concerns about the satellite TV operator’s weakening business. It’s worse… In the second… Read More