AT&T’s DirecTV Now live TV service launches a DVR, upgrades the app with new features

AT&T’s over-the-top streaming service for cord cutters, DirecTV Now, is finally beginning to roll out its cloud DVR feature – a year and a half after its launch. The DVR has been in te

The merger between AT&T and Time Warner is a raw deal for the rest of us

Any day now, the Department of Justice will announce whether the AT&T-Time Warner mega-merger will be permitted.  And anyone with a cell phone, a cable subscription, or an internet connection has

Here’s how much it will cost me to watch the NFL this season without cable

Some of us like sports but don’t want to pay for channels we’ll never watch. Fortunately there are ways to watch the NFL without cable for the 2017-2018 season. I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan, a

As its growth slows, DirecTV Now hits the Roku

AT&T’s live TV service, DirecTV Now, is today launching on another major platform, with its added support for Roku. However, the service itself has already lost momentum in terms of new su

AT&T denies refunds for DirecTV Now customers, despite the service’s performance issues

A number of consumers report they’re unable to get a refund for their subscription to AT&T’s recently launched streaming service, DirecTV Now – something they’ve requested

The Future of TV isn’t apps

We’re in the mid-digital age, but we live with the legacy of analog systems, technology and thinking that's only embellished by the technologies of our new era.

Hands On With DirecTV Now, AT&T’s new streaming service for cord cutters

This week, AT&T unveiled its new TV streaming service for cord cutters, who aren’t ready to subsist entirely on Netflix, YouTube and whatever else they can watch for free around the web. Lau

AT&T unveils its TV streaming service DirecTV Now, which will launch on Nov. 30

AT&T today officially unveiled its DirecTV Now live TV streaming service at an event held in New York City. The service, which is launching on November 30, was first announced earlier this year. M

AT&T’s new streaming service, DirecTV Now, just got a lot more interesting

AT&T’s soon-to-launch live streaming service, DirecTV Now, just got a lot more interesting following AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner. Announced earlier this year, DirectTV Now wa

AT&T will launch online-only packages for DirecTV this year

In an effort to appeal to cord cutters, AT&T will launch three new services that allow users to stream DirecTV online without an annual contract, satellite dish, or set-top box. The plans—called

FCC Approves $48.5 Billion AT&T-DirecTV Merger

The FCC just approved AT&T’s $48.5 billion acquisition of satellite TV provider DirecTV. From today’s FCC statement: “The Commission’s decision is based on a careful, thorough re

Rep. Matsui Calls For Congressional Oversight Of AT&T And Comcast Deals

Earlier today Rep. Doris Matsui called for a Congressional hearing on the proposed deals between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, and AT&T and DirecTV. The massive deals would further consolidate th

Aereo Looks To TV Providers, ISPs To Accelerate Growth

Aereo has a lot of plates spinning. The streaming TV startup just launched a huge marketing push in NY, along with the announcement of a $38 million funding round aimed at expansion to over 20 new cit

Satellite TV Provider DirecTV Makes Strategic Investment In Video Ad Startup FreeWheel

Video ad company FreeWheel is announcing this morning a big new client, which is also making a strategic investment in the firm. Satellite TV provider DirecTV has chosen the startup to improve monetiz

Duh: Analyst Says TV Programming Price Increases Are Unsustainable And “A Train Wreck In The Making”

Your monthly cable or satellite bill just keeps going up -- that's the reality we all face. And while consumers are getting squeezed by price increases, they're not alone: Bernstein Research analyst C

Movie Studios Approve $30 Rental Plan, Theater Owners Mightily Upset

<img src="" />It must be an absolute nightmare being a Hollywood executive in 2011. Four big studios (20th Century Fox, Sony, Univers

February 13: 3net, World's First 24/7 3D Television Network, Debuts On DirecTV

<img src="" />The very first 24/7 <a HREF="">3D</a> television network will launch on February 13. It'

Good news: Comcast will have ESPN 3D in time for the World Cup

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Comcast</a>, America's worst company, just announced that it will have inde

First 3D baseball game ever will air on DirecTV in July

<img src="" />Listen, it's all well and good that <a HREF="">DirecTV</a> gets to make these gr

DirecTV would like to remind you that they will have Avatar on time, unlike Netflix

<img src="" />We're starting to see the results of <a href="">Netflix
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