• Hello Kitty dresses up Dior

    Japanese Vogue’s successful spread in June of Hello Kitty dressed in John Galliano’s latest Dior line, has hatched these couture mobile accessories. The Hello Kitty Dior Mobile accessory kit will make fashionistas purr with two Hello Kitty charms showing off the autumn and winter looks, the purrfect pair for the Dior mobile phone. Via ChipChick, to order the 65 euro set, see Colette. Read More

  • Dior phone to woo Chinese, Russians, damn fools

    Christian Dior SA has teamed up with ModeLabs to create a beauoooootiful cellphone/speakerphone kit that will cost about $5,000. Why are they so expensive? Because people who buy things like this are stupid. While I could see, perhaps, purchasing a Dior dress to wear to a loved one’s murder trial I definitely couldn’t see someone like Naomi Campbell doing much damage with this… Read More