• The Only Tragedy Of This War Is That One Day It Will End Crunch Network

    The Only Tragedy Of This War Is That One Day It Will End

    Did you know that the book publishing industry is at war with itself? No, wait, you’re a TechCrunch reader, wrong question. Did you know that the book publishing industry still exists? …This is kind of an awkward time for those of us who love both books and technology. It’s almost like you can’t cheer for both. This week’s example: the ongoing dirty war between… Read More

  • Pet dinosaurs for everyone! Pleo is back!

    Seriously, who doesn’t want a pet dinosaur? Sure, Jurassic Park makes it seem all dangerous and life-threatening and such. Would you really let that stop you? I think not. But until genetics research and cloning catch up to our imaginations, we’ll have to settle for robotic proxies. And everyone’s favorite little Camarasaurus just got back on the market. Read More

  • Got $2 million? You can buy a T-rex skeleton. Because why not?

    Many years ago (like 1992ish), I subscribed to some sort of Dinosaur magazine. It had all sorts of dinosaur facts and stories that any young child with an interest in science and/or biology. Every issue (it was a monthly publication) came with a single piece of a rather large dinosaur puzzle. Buy all 12 issues, and you have a dinosaur model on your hands. Never did I imagine that, one day… Read More

  • Video: Jetpack Brontosaurus physics demo

    Jetpack Brontosaurus Visual Technology from Matthew Wegner on Vimeo The creators of the insane Velociraptor Off-Road Safari Rampage are well on their way to creating a new opus, which they call Jetpack Brontosaurus. Doubtless it will have the same nuanced plot and fascinating characters as their last game. Actually, it just looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun piloting your… Read More

  • New lovey-dovey Pleo download for Valentine's Day

    Oh Pleo, you’re the best almost-real dinosaur friend a guy and/or gal could ever have. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day comes a new behavior download for your Pleo pet. He coos, he flirts, he slices and dices! From the PleoWorld.com website, Has Pleo been bitten by the love bug? He sulks when left alone, but pet him … he wiggles, coos, and sighs happily. Cuddle Pleo… Read More

  • Velociraptoricide!

    Off-Road Velociraptor Safari from Matthew Wegner on Vimeo. So this game lets you be a velociraptor who can mow down other velociraptors in a jeep using a big chain and the front of the jeep. It should be on the web soon enough or you can just take a bunch of Robitussin and fall asleep on the couch and you can dream this game before burp/puking up a lot of cough syrup. Besides — it’s… Read More

  • Pleo Dinosaur Robot Marches Its Way into My Heart

    Pleo is a new $350 ‘life form’ dinosaur robot created by Ugobe. Unlike all the robot dinosaurs I know (e.g. the WowWee Roboraptor), the Pleo is not remote-controlled. It’s ‘self-aware’. It ‘evolves’. It’s also not very badass. This thing, in a very mass-appealing kind of way, is a puppy. Read More

  • Ebeam creates an interactive surface anywhere you want

    Huh? Killer soundtrack, though. Heh. Read More