• Dimdim Launches Webinar Service, Teams Up With Eventbrite

    Dimdim, the open source web conferencing software company backed by $8.4 million in venture capital, today launched Dimdim Webinar, which allows SMBs and individuals to host an unlimited amount of completely web-based webinars with up to 1,000 people using nothing but a web browser. Dimdim has arranged to provide free Dimdim Webinar accounts to up to 300 TechCrunch readers by signing up… Read More

  • Dimdim Exits Beta With New SynchroLive Platform, Releases Source Code (Get Your Free Pro Accounts Here)

    Dimdim, provider of a browser-based web conferencing platform that doesn’t require the installation of any desktop software, is dropping the beta tag with the release of a new edition of its application and is simultaneously releasing its complete source code to the open source community. If you would like a Pro version (starts at $99 per year for an unlimited number of meetings) free… Read More

  • Dimdim Debuts Hosted Web Conferencing Solution

    Dimdim is an open source alternative to proprietary web conferencing packages like WebEx and GoToMeeting. We first wrote about them back in September 2006 when they were offering an alpha version of their on-premise solution. Today the company is releasing a hosted version of that solution that requires no setup to use – not even a browser plugin like other offerings. CEO DD Ganguly says… Read More

  • Rondee Launches "Evite" For Conference Calls

    Conference calls can be a pain, and getting charged by the minute doesn’t help. But these days, there’s really no reason to pay for them. There’s FreeConfereceCall.com, FreeConference.com, Lypp, and a bunch of other small startups giving away the service. But while there’s no difference in the cost, Rondee’s Evite-like web interface makes it the simplest… Read More

  • DimDim launches FOSS challenge to WebEx

    Open source startup DimDim has released an alpha version of their new browser based web conferencing software. Users download the open source free code and install it on their own servers. The current version supports IE on Windows only for presenters, which is really unfortunate, but attendees can be in conference via Firefox on Mac. No software download is required for attendees. … Read More