• It’s Official: Digsby, Owned By Social Network Tagged, Is Now Open Source And Living On GitHub

    It’s Official: Digsby, Owned By Social Network Tagged, Is Now Open Source And Living On GitHub

    A new chapter today for Digsby, the social/instant messaging client bought by social network Tagged in April 2011 and effectively put into an idle state soon after. It has now been taken open source, with its code now living on GitHub. The intention to make Digsby open source was first announced in July of this year, but TechCrunch understands that it’s only been in the last day that… Read More

  • Tagged Buys Popular Social/Instant Messaging Client Digsby

    Tagged, the San Francisco-based social network that is most notable because of its ability to grow profitably during the Facebook era, has closed its first acquisition. dotSyntax, the corporation that created the popular Digsby instant messaging and social client, is now part of Tagged. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but all seven dotSyntax employees will join Tagged. Tagged CEO… Read More

  • OneRiot Monetizes What's Hot On The Web With Realtime Trending Ads

    We recently wrote about OneRiot’s foray into the advertising world, RiotWise, which places content in an emphasized position in their realtime feed. Because people are becoming more and more interested in realtime search and getting access to information that is going on right now, OneRiot believes in the strong potential of serving relevant ads beside results. Today, the realtime… Read More

  • The Top 21 Twitter Applications (According to Compete)

    We’ve accumulated a list of the twenty most popular Twitter applications, based on monthly unique visitor data from Compete. Twitpic, an app that lets users share photos on Twitter, took the top spot with 1,236,828 unique visitors in January. Tweetdeck, which came in second with 285,864 monthly visits, is a Twitter app that streamlines notifications and tweets. Third place went to… Read More

  • Facebook Chat Escapes the Walled Garden

    When Facebook officially unveiled its plans for Facebook Chat in March, many accused the company of creating yet another walled garden. The company’s proprietary chat protocol was not Jabber/XMPP-compliant, it didn’t incorporate other IM services like AIM and MSN onsite, and no APIs were provided for developers. Nonetheless Digsby, a multiprotocol desktop client like Trillian and… Read More