digital storm

  • Digital Storm Updates Top-Of-The-Line Desktop With Nvidia GTX 590

    Digital Storm has bumped up its top-of-the-line gaming desktop PC to include the just-released Nvidia GTX 590. The absolute top-of-the-line PC is hilariously overpowered, with two GTX 590s in SLI that effectively deliver the power of four GPUs in one PC. Madness! Read More

  • Digital Storm New Enix Desktop Has A Sandy Bridge With 4.7GHz

    You may remember the Digital Storm Black Ops that we gave away during Christmas. That thing was a beast; how could it get better? Well, as you know, technology always gets better. And now, we have the entirely new Enix; which will raise the GHz ceiling a bit higher. Read More

  • Review: Digital Storm Black Ops Assassin Gaming Computer

    The Digital Storm Black Ops Assassin is a beast of a machine — inside and out. Housed in the massive Silverstone FT02 chassis are the makings of a top-tier gaming computer:  Core i7-950 and an Nvidia GTX 570. But since Digital Storm uses retail components, is this rig worth the added premium of going at it yourself? That’s the tough question here. Read More

  • Digital Storm announces Special|Ops gaming computers

    Digital Storm just announced their latest PC, the Special|Ops. Intended mainly for the gaming fanatic, the Special|Ops runs the latest is CPU/GPU technology, and comes boxed in a quite attractive and well ventilated case. Of course they’ve already brought us the Black|Ops and the Black|Ops Assassin, so I think we’re starting to see a trend here. Read More

  • Black|OPS Assassin PC chills out vertically

    Digital Storm announced their latest enthusiast PC, the Black|OPS Assassin. Normally we don’t bother telling you about every new computer that hits the market, but this one is actually fairly unique. It’s a departure from your standard design in that it uses vertical cooling, and the laws of physics. Read More

  • The Digital Storm DAVINCI is a Core i7-980X workstation

    The six-core Core i7-980X is hitting nearly all sectors of the computer world now. First gaming machines and now workstations. The Digital Storm DAVINCI is the latter in case you couldn’t tell by the product name. Read More

  • Digital Storm Black|Ops certainly looks good

    What’s the opinion on buying pre-built gaming PCs? I’m pretty sure there’s a certain sense of pride that comes with building your own PC, but I also recognize that not everybody has all the time in the world to research motherboards, RAM timings, and all that jazz. Like, say, look at this PC. It’s the Digital Storm Black|Ops (The irony of promoting a black op!), and A)… Read More