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Screenly makes it easier to build interactive apps for its digital signage platform

Screenly has long offered developers ways to build applications for the kiosks and checkout systems that use its Screenly Box hardware (or a Raspberry Pi, for the DIY crowd). Its customers include the

Using digital screens to inspire better health

Digital signage is an industry that just keeps getting bigger. Most digital signage customers use screens to sell advertising space, provide information or assist wayfinding. The really good ones look

Panasonic Partners With Photon To Build Smarter Signs In Stores

<a target="_blank" href="">Photon Interactive</a>, a company that's been focused on building mobile experiences for large brands, is teaming up with Panasonic to bring what the

MultiTouchWall: NEC's Awesome, Huge Multi-Touch Digital Signage System (Video)

<img src="" /> <a href="

Sharp's 330-Inch Digital Signage Display

<img src="" /> Make it bigger in case you <em>really</em> want some attention: that's what Sharp must have thought when t

Vending Machine Detects One's Sex And Age To Recommend Appropriate Drinks

<img src="" /> Last year, we've shown you<a href="

Japanese company field-tests 145-inch, $430,000 flexible display

<img src="" /> Japan-based Shinoda Display has begun field-testing <a href="

Twelve 42-inch LCDs rolled into one = huge digital signage system

<img src="" /> If you've ever come to Japan, and especially to Tokyo, you will have noticed this country's love for digital signage

Geek designs iPhone-powered digital signage bag

<img src="" /> Japanese super geek <a href="">Akio</a> has single-handedly designed what

Tokyo uses e-paper as disaster prevention measure

<img src="" /> While the rest of the world is waiting for the breakthrough of e-paper as part of everyday life, Japan se

NTT commercializes aroma-emitting digital signage system

They tested it for nearly a year now but today Japan’s telecommunications giant NTT announces their aroma-emitting digital signage system is finally available [JP] for advertising and promotion