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Rights management and content monetization company HAAWK raises $2.5 million

There are tons of companies trying to solve the problem of managing, monitoring and paying musicians for the songs they make. The latest entrant into this competitive marketplace is HAAWK, which just

India’s Supreme Court rules that privacy is a fundamental right for citizens

India’s universal identification program — Aadhaar — suffered a setback today after the country’s Supreme Court voted unanimously in favor of individual privacy. Given the prev

U.K. gov’t agrees to foreground privacy statement in surveillance bill

The U.K. government has agreed on an amendment to draft surveillance legislation aimed at strengthening the public perception of privacy safeguards by adding a statement of priority to the face of the

Privacy International files judicial review to UK’s ability to hack devices en masse

Digital rights group Privacy International has filed a judicial review in the UK High Court of an earlier decision by the oversight body of the UK's security agencies to sanction the use of so-called

UK spy chief calls for tech sector co-operation to combat “abuse of encryption”

The director of UK spy agency, GCHQ, has urged closer co-operation between governments and the tech sector to end what he dubbed the "abuse of encryption", describing it as a "moral problem" which dem

Europe And US Seal ‘Privacy Shield’ Data Transfer Deal To Replace Safe Harbor

A new transatlantic data transfer deal has been announced today between the EU and the US. The new EU-US Privacy Shield replaces the old Safe Harbor agreement, which was invalidated by the European Co

UPDATE: Brazilian Judge Shuts Down WhatsApp And Brazil’s Congress Wants To Shut Down The Social Web Next

A temporary WhatsApp shutdown is not even close to the craziest thing happening with the Brazilian internet right now. If Brazil’s conservative Congress gets its way, they’re going to take down th

National U.S. Privacy Laws Are Needed

Somehow we missed "privacy" from the initial constitutional design and amendments thereafter. This "right" was not endowed to us by our Founding Fathers, and does not make up the conscience of our jur

The EFF’s New App Is Android-Only, As Organization Calls Out Apple For “Outrageous” Developer Terms

Non-profit digital rights organization EFF rolled out a new mobile application this morning, which allows users to more easily access the group’s “action center” from their smartph

Court Rules That Non-Relevant Files Seized Under A Warrant Cannot Be Held Indefinitely

Say the government gets a warrant for some of your data. They come to your house, image your computers, and then hold that data -- even the data that isn't pertinent to their warrant -- for several ye

Amazon To Set Up Secondhand Ebook Marketplace

Amazon wants to sell your used ebooks. It recently won a patent to allow people to hock off their read ebooks on its marketplace. Of course, ebooks don’t suffer from wear and tear, but think of the

Congress Introduces Digital Fair Use Bill – An End To DRM?

Sometimes it takes bold moves for real action to happen. Lucky for us, Representatives Richard Boucher from Virginia and John Dolittle from California have the guts to stand up to the RIAA and say &#8