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Lawyer Bait: The iFrame Digital Picture Frame

<img src="" />I wonder whether the creators of this particular digital picture frame know that Apple actually has something called <a hre

Onkyo's new picture frame boasts an HDMI port, doubles as secondary display

<img src="" /> Onkyo Japan <a href="">announced</a> [

Eee PC hacked into a digital picture frame

<img src=""><a href="">Digital picture frames</a> are worthless. Seriously,

DIY: digital picture frames

Digital picture frames are a popular gift item this time a year. (don’t send one to me, I think they’re worthless) Your mother always told you that people enjoy gifts more if you make &#82

Westinghouse and Anne Geddes team up on digital baby picture frames

Westinghouse is teaming up with renowned baby photographer, Anne Geddes, for a set of so-called family digital picture frames. From the sounds of it, these digital frames will come preloaded with som

Smartparts intros the gigantic SP3200WF 32-inch, WiFi-enabled digital picture frame

Either you hate ’em or you love ’em, but digital picture frames in all their¬†unnaturally LCD bright glory are here to stay. Smartparts latest is this massive 32-inch model that is sure to

Dead puppies aren't much fun unless they're inside this macabre, insane digital picture frame

Even if you didn’t mean to kill little Futzy, she’s dead. What do do now? Why burn her up and stuff her in this digital picture frame urn. It comes in oak and walnut and costs $289.95. It