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The Fireside SmartFrame Surfaces Family Memories From The Cloud

The Fireside SmartFrame is the startup's solution for dragging memories out of the cloud and into our homes. It's a 15-inch, 1080p IPS display driven by the same system-on-a-chip as a low- to mid-rang

Review and contest: Vizit, the first two-way, fully interactive digital photo frame

<img src="" />We've reviewed a number of <a href="">digital picture frames</a> he

jWIN licenses Polaroid name, prepares to market

<img src="" />So you've got a company without an all-that-recognizable name, and you really want to ramp it up. What do you do? Well, if y

Review: Ipevo Kaleido R7 digital frame

<img src="" alt="" />I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard all day than review a digital picture frame. What’s the big deal wi

Cheesy last minute Valentine's Day gift

<img src="" alt="" />OK, fellas, you know what tomorrow is and if you’re like me then you probably haven’t even thought about

$1000 digital picture frame at Amazon

Available at Amazon for the low, low price of $1,000, the Kodak OLED 7.6-Inch Wireless Digital Frame sports a widescreen 800×480 resolution, 2GB of internal storage, and WiFi connectivity to Flic

iriver produces the swanky 7-inch Framee-L digital picture frame

Digital picture frames aren’t exactly the hottest gadget item anymore, but maybe iriver can somewhat breath new life in the totally overproduced niche item. The 7-inch Framee-L has a bit of un

T-Mobile Cameo digital frame now available – if anyone wants it that is

In case you have been frothing at the mouth for T-Mobile’s network-connected digital picture frame, the Cameo is now available at select T-Mobile retail stores. The frame will run $99 with a $9.

GMail, news, traffic all on the iGala digital picture frames

The latest frames from iGala utlize WiFi and Microsoft’s FrameIt service for some spiffy features. The connection associates the frame with Windows Live, Flick, and Gmail in a unique twist. No,

ViewSonic intos the DPG801BK and DPG807BK digital photo frames

The latest digital picture frames from ViewSonic are, how you say, commonplace. Yeah, nothing exciting like WiFi or cell connectivity but that’s alright; they’re new so we’re all ove

Video Review: Smartparts 8-inch digital picture frame and printer

Rather than bore you with words, I chose to do a video review for the Smartparts digital frame mashup. It poops out 4×6 glossy photos and handles a variety of memory cards. The UI is simple to na

Sony's expensive, but sweet, digital photo frames have Bluetooth and HDMI-out

I’ve never really wanted a digital photo frame, but their feature sets are starting to get to the point where I can understand that someone sane might want one. These Sony ones are certainly of

Big 15-inch Photo Frame For Under $250

To some, Gigantor is a huge remote-controlled robot that fights crime for some reason. To others, Gigantor is a giant digital photo frame that displays images of you and your loved ones. I’m her

My, My What A Big Digital Picture Frame You Have

No one actually buys a digital picture frame for themselves, only as gifts. Case in point, this new one from Smartparts (which I’ve been reading as smartpaNTS for some time now), which features