Digital Photos

Google’s new app PhotoScan turns prints into digital photos

Google Photos, Google’s cloud photo storage and sharing service, aspires to be a single home to everyone’s photographs. But so far, that has only extended to the digital photos we take,

Aura rethinks the digital picture frame with smarter software, sensors & gesture control

We’re taking more digital photos than ever, but we’re not very good about printing them out to enjoy them in our homes. Meanwhile, the digital picture frame market has filled with cheap p

Legacy Republic Unveils Studio, A Portable Scanner For Family Photo Albums

Legacy Republic is removing a big hurdle in its photo digitizing process — putting albums in the mail. YesVideo launched its Legacy Republic initiative back in 2014. The idea is to recruit a free

Sony patent combines Microsoft Surface-like table with digital photo printer to hilarious effect

<img src="" />Some clever detective work has unearthed this <a HREF="

Pandigital has itself a portable scanner, for photos!

This is a scanner produced by someone by the name of Pandigital. It’s called the PhotoLink Handheld Scanner. It’s portable! Right, so it’s a portable scanner with a max resolution of

Photo to digital picture converter looks pretty easy

Anybody who’s had to scan a big fat pile of old photos into their computer knows that it suh-huuucks. So along comes the ingeniously named “Photograph to Digital Picture Converter” f

The new crop of digital photo frames

[photopress:kodakex1011.jpg,full,center] Mr. Pogue at the Times today has a little roundup of digital photo picture frames. He tries out the eMotion, Parrot DF7220, Kodak EasyShare EX1011, eStarling D

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Picknik, the online photo editor

Hate opening Photoshop, that resource hog, just to resize an image? Me, too! That’s why I use Picnik, an online photo editor that uses the magic of Web 2.0 to—get this—edit photos. I

Kodak's Picture Kiosk G4 More Fun Than It Should Be

Until yesterday, I hadn’t used a photo kiosk since the year 2000. At that time all the kiosk had was a flatbed scanner and maybe a floppy and/or CD-ROM, but I don’t remember (dude, it was

Big 15-inch Photo Frame For Under $250

To some, Gigantor is a huge remote-controlled robot that fights crime for some reason. To others, Gigantor is a giant digital photo frame that displays images of you and your loved ones. I’m her

iRiver Siren Digital Photo Frame

I was at Josh’s house the other day and noticed, quietly, that he has one of those digital photo frames. I mean, he’s cool to begin with, but now I know he’s, like, Fonzie cool. So n

Canon Announces Pint-sized Portable Printer

If you’re one of those annoying photographers who hangs around tourist spots offering to take people’s pictures for ridiculous prices, then you’ll certainly be interested in Canon’s latest por

Google Picasa Goes Mobile and Goes Local (What?)

Google rolled out two new features for its Picasa (think Flickr, only by Google) online photo sharing site yesterday, both of which are useful for showing your friends just how crazy and unpredictable

SlickrFrame Digital Photo Frame Automatically Displays Flickr Photos

This SlickrFrame digital photo frame uses recently released open source software to display any Flickr photo tagged with the word “slickrframe.” The frame itself is made out of an old lapt