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Netgear debuts a new 15.6-inch Meural WiFi Photo Frame with automatic album syncing

Smart frames as a gadget category might seem like they’ve already had and passed their moment in the sun, but Netgear’s Meural line, which originated with large connected smart canvases, h

Netgear’s Meural Canvas II is a better version of the best home gadget for photographers

Netgear has released the first updated Canvas digital art from from Meural since acquiring the company last September, and the next-generation connected frame comes with some decent quality-of-life im

Aura rethinks the digital picture frame with smarter software, sensors & gesture control

We’re taking more digital photos than ever, but we’re not very good about printing them out to enjoy them in our homes. Meanwhile, the digital picture frame market has filled with cheap p

Review: eStarling Impact7 and Impact8 digital picture frames

eStarling offers the Impact7 (7″, 480 X 234 pixels) and Impact8 (8″, 800 X 600 pixels), a pair of WiFi-enabled digital photo frames. They’re easy to use, functional, and nice to look

Sony updates their digital photo frame lineup with the D80, D100

The PDN PhotoPlus Expo is set to begin tomorrow in NYC and tonight Sony jumped the gun with the announcement of two digital photo frames. The D10 (10-inch) and D8 (8-inch) frames have 800×600 res

HP df300a1 3.5” digital photo frame

This just makes sense. A nice little portable digital photo frame. Small and compact, the frame is perfect for showing off pics of the fam. It even comes with a leather protective case.

HP df1000 series 10.4” digital photo frame

Here’s a pretty sweet looking new frame from HP. A mahogany solid wood frame surrounds the 10.4” LCD panel. It comes with two sets of interchangeable double mats allowing the ability to match a wi

Samsung intro's new Wi-Fi digital photo frames

Digital photo frames might be everyone’s favorite Christmas gift, (to give, not to receive) and Samsung is launching two new Wi-Fi-equipped models. Neither one of ’em look terribly tech

Japanese company presents heart-shaped digital photo frame

Today Greenhouse announced they will start selling a heart-shaped digital photo frame [JP] from the middle of June. The Japan-only GHV-DF24HT will cost $56. The device features a 2.4-inch LCD screen w

2 new digital photo frames from Japan

Today Transcend Japan unveiled a new 7-inch digital photo frame [JP], which will hit Japanese shores in the middle of May. The 710C (219×28×156mm) will cost $170. The frame accepts CF and SD

Mustek announces digital photo frame that doubles as an alarm clock and so much more

I hate my alarm clock as I’m sure most of you do too. I’m still not sold on digital photo frames and I think it’s safe to say most you aren’t either. I only know one person who