Digital Pen

Microsoft launches its AI-powered notetaking app Journal as an official Windows app

A little over a year after its initial release, a digital note-taking app called Journal is making the leap from being an experimental project housed with Microsoft’s internal incubator, Microso

Phree is a digital stylus that works on any surface – almost

Montblanc enters the 21st century with a fancy digital pen

Fancy pens are fancy. They’re nice to own, really great to write with, and awful pretty. But what happens when you mash up fancy pen manufacturer Montblanc with some digital paper? Baby, you got

Pentel airpenPocket Picks Up Handwriting, Sends To Phone Or PC Over Bluetooth

<img src="" />The airpenPocket is Pentel's update to the aging <a href="">

Digital pen airpenMini makes digitization of handwritten text easy

Japanese stationery company Pentel today unveiled its airpenMini [JP], a digital pen that uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared to record anything the user writes on a piece of paper in the bu

Exclusive: First hands on with EPOS' digital pen, USB drive

Way back on 4/20 I told you about EPOS and their digital pen and USB drive, which should have hit retailers during the summer but didn’t and for good reason. The original design was pretty fugly

Convergence Devices: EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive

I’ve grown somewhat weary of all the convergence devices that claim they’ll make life that much easier and a lot less cluttered, but EPOS is a wee bit different, so hold on to your britches. EPOS