Digital Pen

  • Phree is a digital stylus that works on any surface - almost

    Phree is a digital stylus that works on any surface – almost

    Developed by Israel-based OTM Technologies, Phree is a digital pen that you can use to, in the words of the CEO, express yourself anywhere, anytime on any surface. Well, almost any surface. It doesn’t write on glass, and it writes ineffectively on bumpy surfaces like crackers, as demonstrated by Gilad Lederer, OTM co-founder and CEO. Read More

  • Montblanc enters the 21st century with a fancy digital pen

    Montblanc enters the 21st century with a fancy digital pen

    Fancy pens are fancy. They’re nice to own, really great to write with, and awful pretty. But what happens when you mash up fancy pen manufacturer Montblanc with some digital paper? Baby, you got a 21st century stew goin’. Montblanc calls it Montblanc Augmented Paper and it’s basically specially coded (and coated) paper that lets the pen and notebook sense their position. The… Read More

  • Pentel airpenPocket Picks Up Handwriting, Sends To Phone Or PC Over Bluetooth

    The airpenPocket is Pentel’s update to the aging airpenMini. Coming out in mid-February, this digital pen can transmit handwriting data via Bluetooth. The airpenMini was only able to export the data over USB. When writing or drawing, on paper sizes up to A4, the information is sent to a memory unit with the original ultrasonic infrared method. The memory unit is the middle man between… Read More

  • Digital pen airpenMini makes digitization of handwritten text easy

    Japanese stationery company Pentel today unveiled its airpenMini [JP], a digital pen that uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared to record anything the user writes on a piece of paper in the built-in memory. The pen tip features a pressure-sensitive tip and 2BM of memory, enough to store written information written on 100 pages of A5 paper. All data can be transferred to computers… Read More

  • Exclusive: First hands on with EPOS' digital pen, USB drive

    Way back on 4/20 I told you about EPOS and their digital pen and USB drive, which should have hit retailers during the summer but didn’t and for good reason. The original design was pretty fugly and it never hurts to wait a bit to work out the bugs and design flaws. Well, I got my mitts on the final version last week and the results are in. Totally worth the wait. I haven’t had… Read More

  • Convergence Devices: EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive

    I’ve grown somewhat weary of all the convergence devices that claim they’ll make life that much easier and a lot less cluttered, but EPOS is a wee bit different, so hold on to your britches. EPOS showcased a digital pen and USB flash drive at CES this year and CG expects to get their grubby paws on one any day now. I spoke with EPOS CEO Oded Turbahn and he was super enthusiastic… Read More