Digital October

  • DI Telegraph Is Moscow's Organic Tech Hub

    Moscow Startups Build Their Own Ecosystem In An Old Telegraph Station

    Aside from Russia’s somewhat grandiose “Skolkovo” project to replicate a Silicon Valley-style startup campus just outside of Moscow, entrepreneurs who have preferred to stay outside any governmental overtures have resolutely stuck to the city, just as Startups in the Bay Area, post 2001, gravitated towards San Fransisco. The early pioneer in this was (Digital October), carved… Read More

  • Google Chairman Takes An Interest In Backing Russian Startups

    TomorrowVentures, the investment firm founded by Google chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt has partnered with Digital October, a Moscow, Russia-based tech startup incubator. According to local reports (via Quintura blog), Schmidt’s investment vehicle will team up with Digital October, a center in the heart of Moscow established by billionaire Mikhail Abyzov (chairman of Russian… Read More