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  • Backed By $2 Million In Funding From Learn Capital, Kapor, 500 Startups, Bruno Mars & Others, Chromatik’s Digital Music Platform Goes Live

    Backed By $2 Million In Funding From Learn Capital, Kapor, 500 Startups, Bruno Mars & Others, Chromatik’s Digital Music Platform Goes Live

    Digital music platform Chromatik is today launching its web and iPad applications for learning, practicing, recording and collaborating on music with friends, bandmates, teachers, and others. The company has also expanded on its seed round from earlier this year, and now has just over $2 million in funding from Learn Capital, 500 Startups, Kapor Capital, Launchpad LA, MuckerLab, and… Read More

  • reKiosk Digitally Recreates The Independent Bookstore and Record Store Experience

    reKiosk Digitally Recreates The Independent Bookstore and Record Store Experience

    While ebooks and digital music are becoming the dominant way of consuming books and songs, only a few digital retailers have become important players in this space. reKiosk is trying to bring to the web the buying experience that was lost along the way thanks to a service that promotes independent artist and provides advice in the style of independent booksellers and record store… Read More

  • You can't buy Japanese music on iTunes you say?

    For anyone who listens to Keith Urban’s advice and actually buys music, you might have already noticed that most Japanese artists aren’t on iTunes. The reasons why are boring and complicated, but just know that our friends at J-List have a work around for anyone who really really wants every anime soundtrack ever. Read More

  • Opinion: The SanDisk SlotMusic player is a good idea

    My good friend Peter Ha isn’t sold on the Sandisk SlotMusic hoopla (see his post here). I think it’ll work, though. You have to approach it from the mindset of the casual consumer for it to make sense. Think of the player like a Walkman or a Discman and MicroSD cards as blank tapes or CDs. Then remember that entire albums used to be sold on tapes and CDs and that for many… Read More

  • Dell developing another line of MP3 players?

    I still have my 20GB Dell DJ (the one on the left up there). It’s been sitting in a box marked “To Sell on eBay” for, oh, at least three years along with my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, my first-generation Nintendo DS, and a couple of ink cartridges for an old Lexmark printer. Bad news for me, as it appears the value of my old Dell music player might plummet when Dell’s… Read More

  • This Just In: iTunes is a popular music store

    Apple has now sold over five billion songs from its iTunes music store. The program has been around since early 2001. Earlier this year, iTunes surpassed Wal-Mart as the most popular place to buy music. Apple still hasn’t figured out how to sell Drakkar Noir for under $40 through its store but, still, five billion songs is impressive. It’ll be interesting to see how long iTunes will… Read More

  • selling $70 iPod Touch knockoff

    I just received an e-mail from inviting me to “Touch the Future of Portable Entertainment” with this $70 device that looks an awful lot like my much more expensive iPod Touch, which I foolishly assumed was already the future of portable entertainment. So how does this thing stack up, spec-wise, to the iPod Touch? Read More

  • Bluetooth MP3 watch for when you just can't stand to not have something that plays music strapped to you

    Ah, the return of the MP3-playing watch. This time, without the ridiculous headphone cord running up your arm. The GoldLantern Bluex Bluetooth MP3 Watch comes with 1GB of storage and a pair of Bluetooth 2.0 headphones.   The watch is good for 12 hours per charge of its lithium-ion battery and will play either MP3 or WMA files. I’m not much of a watch man myself, so I asked… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 2GB Toshiba Gigabeat for $60, shipped

    Office Depot has the 2GB Toshiba Gigabeat MEU202 with 1.1-inch OLED display and FM tuner for $59.99 with free shipping. Battery life lasts up to 20 hours and can be charged via mini USB cable. The device plays MP3, WMA, and WAV files and can display photos on the tiny screen. The FM tuner can handle 10 station presets if you still listen to FM radio for some reason. Toshiba Gigabeat®… Read More

  • Music industry finds new trophy wife in

    The music industry looks to be shifting its eggs, many or all, into the Timberlake basket. During the Super Bowl four years ago, Pepsi and iTunes teamed up to give away 100 million songs fueled by Green Day’s rendition of “I Fought The Law.” For this year’s Super Bowl, Pepsi and will be giving away one billion songs, fueled by whatever… Read More

  • New Zune firmware scrolls more than twice as fast

    It’s all here; Chariots of Fire and cheering baby Zunes. What more could you ask for? Not to spoil the suspense for you but the Zune 2.2 firmware annihilates version 1.4, scrolling through 2,700 songs in less than half the time.  Speed test: old Zune 30 vs. new Zune 30 [Zunerama] Read More