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Google expands controls to let you mute those annoying ads that follow you on every site

At first, it may seem an odd move. Google makes money on its ads business, and giving advertisers free rein to stalk you on every site seems really good for companies hoping to remind you of that thin

Predicting success in startup consumer brands

As Amazon replaces brick-and-mortar store shelves and social influencers replace television stars, newer brands are not only taking advantage of these channels, but also are architecting their product

Photoslurp bags $870k for its ‘shop the look’ UGC marketing platform

Bootstrapping Barcelona-based visual commerce startup Photoslurp has taken its first external funding: Announcing €750,000 (~$870k) in pre-Series A financing, led by Spanish VC Inveready Technolog

Traaqr connects your online identity with your real one

Traaqr, a St. Louis-based company, has just announced the launch of their interesting and clever new service. Essentially the system connects online interactions with real world customer service repre

Geronimo imagines a better outlook for the inbox

It’s a constant refrain. Today’s email is a tragedy and a travesty. There’s no way to sort information in personally relevant ways, few tools that can organize the mass of messages r

Adobe releases analytics tools for conversational AI

It’s still hard to say if the voice-controlled aluminum can will be the next smartphone or the next Segway, but either way, brands are preparing. This morning Adobe launched a new set of analyti

Google’s Unique Reach tells marketers when you’ve seen the same ad a gazillion times

We have all suffered the pain of seeing the same ad for a BBQ grill we can’t fit in our apartment on our phone, tablet, laptop and work desktop. The duplication is not only annoying, it’s

Atomic AI helps marketers write better

Marketers love to produce “content” (and they also love calling journalism “content,” but that’s a separate issue). There is nothing easy about writing, though, especiall

Demystifying the concept of ‘attribution’ in digital marketing

Most of my analogies revolve around sports. The concept of “attribution” in business is similar to giving credit to a player for assisting another player in achieving an objective. The purpose of

Marketers should stop relying on hover rate

For many, the promise of digital advertising is the wealth of information that comes with every impression they buy. However, all this data becomes virtually useless when marketers employ the wrong su

SEO Doesn’t Have To Be A Shot In The Dark

To many startups, search engine optimization (SEO) is a task that sits on their company’s back burner. With features to launch and customers to support, the idea of spending time fiddling with your

Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars

From George Orwell predicting the overwhelming reach of television in 1984 to the video phone calls in Back to the Future, it seems that technology often imitates pop culture. Nowhere could that be tr

A Guiding Light Into The Future Of Marketing

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a feast to the eyes, but an overload of the senses. Separating the profound from the gimmicks and the trends from the distractions is vital, but hard. For me, th

The $8.2 Billion Adtech Fraud Problem That Everyone Is Ignoring

Despite the popularity of mobile applications such as Peace, Blockr and Ghostery over the last year, ad blocking will be the least of digital advertisers' problems in 2016. According to a report relea

Stop Reading About Social Media Trends And Start Listening

The Internet is rife with articles espousing digital trends in every shape and form: video is still going strong, IoT, live streaming and “super real-time.” But trends are just that: trends. Today

How To Win A U.S. Election With Digital Marketing

Marketing is the art of creating awareness, forming impressions, persuasion and leading an audience of individuals to take a specific requested action. While marketing is generally used for products o

Publicis Snaps Up Sapient For $3.7B To Build A Digital Media Powerhouse

Global marketing giant Publicis is spending big to position itself as the top agency for digital services, after it announced (PDF) a much-speculated deal that sees it acquire Sapient for $3.7 billion

TrackMaven Lands $6.5M From NEA And Others To Bring Better Competitive Intelligence To Digital Marketers

As content marketing becomes an increasingly significant part of the digital marketing arsenal, it it brings with it new opportunities, both allowing marketers to expand beyond traditional approaches

Consumers Still Pretty Suspicious About Social Media Marketing, Forrester Survey Finds

Forrester has put out a new digital marketing report, off the back of a survey of more than 58,000 online consumers, looking at how brands can better sell themselves and create content that flies in t

Gartner Finds Corporate Websites Still A Higher Digital Marketing Priority For U.S. Marketers Than Facebook — Just

Corporate websites ranked as the top digital activity for marketing "success", according to a new poll of U.S. marketers conducted by Gartner, beating marketing on social networks such as Facebook, T
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