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AT&T’s Digital Life Home Automation/Security System To Debut In 8 Markets In March

CES hasn’t even really started yet, but already some prevailing themes of the show have begun to emerge — I’m talking about tech that helps tie together disparate systems in your home into a a s

AT&T Introduces Digital Life: IP-Based Home Automation And Security System With 24/7 Monitoring Centers

AT&T has just announced a new security and home-automation system called Digital Life, which will be an IP-based platform that allows users to monitor and detect activity throughout their house re

Palm Announces Centro, World Rejoices

Following months-and-months of hinting and speculation, Palm confirmed the existence and availability of the Centro. The new device is in a new candybar case, that features a fully functional QWERTZY

Someone Please Tell John Biggs He Has The Wrong Press Credentials

We totally laughed at John’s expense at Digital Life today. Last night there was a press event called ShowStoppers, totally unrelated to Digital Life. Similar stuff, sure, but completely differe

Digital Life Quick Beers

If you’re in town for Digital Life this week, drop us a note in comments with your real email in the comment. The CG guys will be out in force so maybe we can meet up for a quick beer during the