Digital Cowboy

  • iPod dock + HDD media player kit = Movie Cowboy Box

    Japan-based Digital Cowboy today announced the Movie CowBoy DC-MC35ULI [JP], a device serving as an iPod dock and an HDD media player that’s compatible with 3.5-inch SATA HDDs (sold separately). Users wanting to watch movies from their hard disc can directly connect the box-like Movie CowBoy with their TV via HDMI. Read More

  • Digital Cowboy MP3-Playing Sunglasses: Yup, You'll Look Like a Jerk

    Who wants to look like a complete creep this summer? If you wear these Digital Cowboy MP3-playing HX-01 sunglasses not only should you be punched in the face for being a tool, but you should be forced to forfeit your right to vote and pursue happiness. OK, it has 1GB of built-in memory, great. So does an iPod shuffle or any number of other, normal DAPs. The lack of AAC support is also a… Read More