Digital Cameras

  • CLM-V55: Sony's Clip-On 5-Inch LCD Screen For Digital Cameras

    Are you missing a large screen on your camera that lets you monitor your footage whenever you shoot video in HD? Then the CLM-V55 Sony announced today might be the right solution for: it’s a 5-inch clip-on screen, which features WVGA solution (800 x 480). Read More

  • Pentax Unveils "Robot Version" Of The K-r DSLR

    For some reason, Pentax can’t stop making special versions of their digital cameras. In the last few months, for example, they updated their K-x DSLR with a robotic version and one designed in rainbow colors. And today, the company announced [JP] a special model for its successor, the Pentax K-r. It’s a “robotic” camera again, but this one is cooler. Read More

  • Video: Panasonic's LUMIX GF2 Gets Priced And Dated (In Japan)

    Panasonic’s LUMIX DMC-GF2, a micro-four thirds camera, which big P started teasing earlier this month now has a concrete release date and price for the Japanese market. The successor to their GF1 (which was released last spring) will hit stores over here on December 3 [JP] – one month before the US and Europe. Read More

  • My Picturetown 3D: Nikon's 3D Image Conversion Service For Photo Frames

    Nikon Japan is planning [JP] to offer an online service that allows users to convert conventional 2D images into 3D in order to view them on a dedicated 3D photo frame. Starting December this year, the service will be open to Japanese members of “my Picturetown”, an online photo sharing and storage service run by Nikon (which already exists). Read More

  • Japan Gets Sony NEX-3 In Pink

    We spent quite a few posts on Sony’s excellent NEX cameras over the past months, but big S waited until today to announce [JP] a model in pink. To be more specific, Sony will be selling the NEX-3 with a double lens kit, branded as NEX-3D. Technically, this model is the same as the previous NEX-3 that was upgraded with a 3D panoroma sweep mode in July. Read More

  • Video: Another look at the "3D"-Cyber-shots Sony introduced yesterday

    Yesterday, we’ve shown you the two new “3D”-Cyber-shots Sony presented during a press conference in Tokyo, the DSC-WX5 and the DSC-TX9. As they have only a single lens, both models can’t really be called 3D cameras, but the video embedded below shows that the 3D effect users can produce with these Cyber-shots actually looks quite decent. Read More

  • Sony rolls out 3D-capable Cyber-shots with full HD video recording mode

    And we get yet another batch of 3D-enabled gadgets – this time from Sony. The company today announced three new Cyber-shot cameras, two of which feature the 3D sweep panorama function the cameras from the NEX series now also have (the function allows you to sweep the camera from side to side to capture a high-speed burst of 100 frames, which are then automatically stitched together). Read More

  • Thanko sells digital camera/binoculars hybrid

    Tokyo’s most famous gadget maker, Thanko, has another hit product in its portfolio, the UDGZDC8M [JP]. For reasons unknown, the infamous company decided it’s time to give the world a combination of binoculars and an 8MP digital camera. And people living outside Japan can get it, too. Read More

  • The CHOBI CAM WP is a cute, waterproof, and (very) small camera

    It’s cute, it’s as small as an eraser, it’s light, and it’s waterproof: Tokyo-based accessory maker Japan Trust Technology is offering the CHOBi CAM WP, a digital camera that’s actually not waterproof by itself but comes with a special case that makes it possible to take it up to 20m underwater without any problems (IP68). Read More

  • Video: Sony's NEX3 and NEX5 up and close

    We’ve spent a couple of posts covering Sony’s new flagship digi-cams NEX3 and NEX5 in the last days, but now we have a good video that not only summarizes the main features again but also shows the cameras actually being used. And you can catch a glimpse of the cool-looking HD camcorder mock-up we covered yesterday, too. Read More

  • Pentax Japan unveils K-x in "rainbow colors"

    It seems Pentax Japan just loves redesigning their K-x digital camera. The company started offering extra-colorful versions of the device last September, followed by another limited edition, a K-x in “robotic colors”, one month later. And today, Pentax unveiled [JP] the so-called TOWER RECORDS × PENTAX RAINBOW K-x, designed in collaboration with – you guessed it –… Read More

  • This amazing photo of Earth cost only $750 to take

    Hello, Earth! Can you believe that this photo was taken by a man who attached a digital camera to a balloon? Madness. Read More

  • Here's the Olympus SP-800UZ & SP-600UZ megazoom cams

    Olympus isn’t new a new player in the megazoom game. The camera company’s megazoom line is older than some Jonas Brothers’ fans. And it shows. The new kits are officially drool worthy. Read More

  • This is the Samsung W880: It's a phone with a 12-megapixel camera. Because why not?

    And here I thought the megapixel race was over! Guess not, what with Samsung showing off, for the very first time, the SCH-W880, the world’s first cellphone with a 12-megapixel camera. Because how many times have you said to yourself, “Man, I want to take a photo of this unusual drink, but only have the iPhone’s rubbish camera”? Read More

  • Sony's new point-and-shoots may actually be different from the rest

    When I saw the press release advertising a revolutionary new “back-illuminated” sensor, my BS sensor went to red alert. First, the term is nonsense — misleading at best. Second, what could they possibly do to increase low light performance by a huge amount that nobody’s thought of already? As it turns out, camera companies are dumber than I thought (that or… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Canon PowerShot SD890IS for $170

    If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive point-and-shoot digital camera to replace the way-too-expensive camera you just dropped in the lake by accident, you can get your hands on the 10-megapixel Canon PowerShot SD890IS for $169.99 with free shipping from Amazon, today only. Read More

  • Olympus reveals its new point-and-shoot line; I'll keep this brief

    I’ve made no secret of my abhorrence of camera companies releasing their stuff at midnight eastern time without letting us know, but behold my revenge! I’m only writing up one of the four cameras Olympus released just a little while ago. (Maniacal laughter) Read More

  • The now official Olympus E-P1 digital pen does retro right

    Well, it’s here: The Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds digital camera. The E-P1, or digital pen, packs in almost all the E-620‘s magic into an absolute tiny and gorgeous body. A body that throws-back to the the late 50’s when Olympus launched the first Pen camera. Just like back then, pro photographers and amateurs alike are instantly falling in love with this shooter. Except… Read More

  • Samsung's Pixon12 is the world's first 12-megapixel camera-phone

    Megapixels don’t “mean” anything until you’re the first company to reach a milestone. That’s why so much attention is being paid to Samsung today, on a day when plenty of “real” news—GM declaring bankruptcy, an Air France jet going down, Carlo Ancelloti joining Chelsea, etc.—will overshadow anything coming out of the tech world. Anyhow… Read More

  • Pentax K-7 image and specs emerge [Update]

    Finally, we have the factory specs on the Pentax K-7, and the teasing is over. Keep in mind these are factory specifications, but Pentax has been known to change things slightly before the camera’s actually hit the sales floor, usually for the better. We are seeing that most of the rumors are true however, including the much hoped for 100% viewfinder. Read More