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Sample video from the Panasonic Lumix GH1

<img src="" alt="" />Without having held and shot with the <a href="

GE announces a waterproof point and shoot, the G3WP

<img src="" alt="" />As an amateur photographer, I generally look down on point and shoots because their image quality stinks something

Pentax's PMA announcement leaked, hybrid X70 being announced

<img src="" alt="" />Hmm. Well, this is sort of a disappointment. I was expecting the K30 or K300 to be announced, but instead

Samsung announces NX Series hybrid digital camera

<img src="" alt="" />With all the pre-PMA announcements that Samsung made in the last few weeks I wondered if they had anything left in the

Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera comes back from the dead

<img src="" /> Epson today announced <a href="">a new(ish) camera with a digital

Samsung outs a pair of point and shoots ahead of PMA, again

<img src="" alt="" />Unfortunately for Samsung, we’ve all known about the <a href="

CX1: Ricoh unveils new CMOS-sensor digi cam

<img src="" /> Ricoh in Japan <a href="">today announced the CX-1 c

Samsung announces four new SL-series point and shoots

<img src="" alt="" />It’s announcements like this that make trade shows not worth going to. Today, Samsung updated their SL-series

Fujifilm updates the FinePix S1000, calls it the FinePix S1500

<img src="" alt="" />I’m not a fan of these ‘bridge’ cameras, but there’s a reason why camera companies keep updating

The Sony DSC-W230 & W290: Everyday 12.1MP, 720p recording digital cameras

Sony announced the ultra-zoom H20 and the sexy T900/T90 today, and so the W series seems plain jane. They are still quality cameras though.

The Sony DSC-T900 & T90: svelte 12MP, 720p recording digicams

Sony is pack’n a lot of goods into the new T900 and T90 pocket cams. Not only are these thin cameras measured in millimeters, but they come loaded with a 12MP sensor and high-def video recording

The Sony DSC-H20: ultra-zoom and 720p video recording

Sony is updating the H digicam line with a whole slew of new specs with the drool-worth DSC-H20.

Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR available for pre-order

<img src="" alt="" class="center" />Fuji's highly anticipated follow up to the F30, the F200EXR, is available now for pre-order

CrunchDeals: Nikon D90+18-55mm+55-200mm= $1,299.99

<img src="" alt="" />I just got back from a run to Costco (Redwood City) and took a quick spin through the electronics section and

Sharp unveils new 12Mpx CCD for digital cameras

<img src="" /> Sharp Japan today announced <a href="">a new 1/2.3 type 12Mpx CCD<

Samsung dumps four new digital cameras

<img src="" alt="" /> Samsung just dropped four new digital cameras: HZ10W, TL100, SL102 and SL420.

New Hello Kitty point-and-shoot camera available in Japan (but not in pink)

Tokyo-based Exemode is selling a new digital camera [JP] that has been designed with French design company Courrèges and Japanese toy giant Sanrio. The 5.17 million megapixel camera features the cute

Takara Tomy uses pooping camera in TV commercial

Takara Tomy’s digital camera with built-in Zink printer is out now in Japan (for $350) and having held the thing in my hand yesterday, I can say it’s very bulky. So be ready for a minor di

HN-PP150: Sharp Japan releases Aquos photo player / printer with HDMI port

Sharp Japan today announced the HN-PP150 [JP], a combination of photo player and printer that will be released in Nippon under the Aquos brand January 28 next year (price: $250). It’s sized at 2

xiao TIP-521: Tomy releases 5 megapixel camera with built-in printer

Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy today unveiled a new digital camera that features a built-in printer [JP] and is ailmed at women in their 20s and 30s as well as families. The company says it will soon r
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