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£30m funding up for grabs for tech projects by UK digital entrepreneurs

<img src="" alt="" title="Picture 98" width="321" height="68" class="shot" />We may have had a change of government but it's roll on Digi

UK's Next Generation Fund to invest £1 billion in "super-fast broadband"

<img src="" alt="bis" title="bis" width="259" height="56" class="shot" />[UK] The UK government today announced that its Next Generation Fund wi

Updated Digital Britain report recommends, yes, to kick pirates off the Internet

<img src="" />Potentially bad news for you UK readers. An amendment to the big Digital Britain report would kick off “hardcore copyright

Digital Britain: Internet access is as vital as access to clean water

<img src="" />This is the second piece of government or state-related literature that in the past few days has equated Internet access wi

How do you convince the elderly to go online? Should you even bother?

<img src="" />Believe it or not, but some people actually refuse to go online! (I say we salute these people for being so brave.) This news