• Video: "Discreet" Robotic Walking Aid

    It’s always good when robot researchers work to find way to improve the lives of people, but this new “close-fitting” robotic walking aid, developed by researchers from three Japanese universities, looks like it still needs some work. If I understand correctly, it’s for people who have trouble walking but don’ want to use crutches, for instance. Read More

  • Video: Fujitsu's 3D Wraparound View Screen System For Cars

    In late 2008, we’ve shown you a wraparound view video system for vehicles that was developed by Fujitsu. While that system was pretty cool, we can now show you a video of the updated version. The system is still based on four video cameras mounted around a vehicle, and it produces images in 3D. To be more specific, users can view 3D images that are projected onto a “3D… Read More

  • Video: Solar-powered Electric Bike

    We’ve covered quite a few electric bikes over the last years, but this new model developed by a Japanese company called Hama Zero (no website) offers a new twist. Their “Solar Bike Fujin” is an electric bike that’s powered by electricity generated by an on-board solar panel. The bike can be used on public roads (at least in Japan) and boasts an assisted travel range… Read More

  • Video: Can Plastic-replacing Foam Help Cut The Weight Of Cars By 50%?

    Using foam for the production of vehicles (for automotive components) is hardly something new, but Japan-based “foam technology” company JSP (which is actually quite large and active globally) claims using foam instead of conventional plastic materials can help cut the weight of cars by as much as 50%. Read More

  • Next step in 3D tech: Computer-synthesized holograms (video)

    Our friends over at Tokyo-based DigInfoNews are calling it the “ultimate in 3D images”: computer-synthesized holograms. And in fact, the video they shot at Kansai University in Osaka shows some amazing tech a team of researchers led by Prof. Kyoji Matsushima is working on. In contrast to conventional holography, the researchers are not using real objects but rather CG images created… Read More

  • Video: Another look at the "3D"-Cyber-shots Sony introduced yesterday

    Yesterday, we’ve shown you the two new “3D”-Cyber-shots Sony presented during a press conference in Tokyo, the DSC-WX5 and the DSC-TX9. As they have only a single lens, both models can’t really be called 3D cameras, but the video embedded below shows that the 3D effect users can produce with these Cyber-shots actually looks quite decent. Read More

  • Video: RoboCar helps to create more intelligent cars in the future

    In case you ever wondered what practical purpose robotics as a field of science has, RoboCar [JP] might be one answer. That’s the name of a car robotics platform (and robot) currently in development at Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP. Read More

  • Video: Virtual Reality hair cut simulator "Air-Hair"

    I’ve seen many things in the tech and gadget world, but this one’s a first. A robot research team at Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed a “virtual reality”-based hair cut simulation system. Aptly named Air-Hair, the system makes it possible to imitate the process of cutting a person’s hair using a manikin and a pair of physical “scissors”… Read More

  • Robo Muscle Suit: Japan continues to work on fully motorized humans (video)

    We reported about a motorized knee being developed at Tsukuba University in Japan just yesterday. That and HAL-5, the famous robot suit that lets paralyzed people walk through brain signal control and which was developed at the same university, seem to be just the beginning of the way to merge man and machine. The Kobayashi Lab [JP] at the Tokyo University of Science has now come up with… Read More