• 5 Product Innovations From CEATEC 2011 In Japan (Video Gallery)

    5 Product Innovations From CEATEC 2011 In Japan (Video Gallery)

    Truth be told, I wasn’t very impressed with what electronics makers showed at the CEATEC 2011 tech exhibition – especially because a lot of the new products were “leaked” to the Japanese press before the event started. However, here are a total of five of the coolest innovations Japanese companies showed at CEATEC 2011 in video form, delivered from our friends at Diginfo… Read More

  • Video: Panasonic Shows Android-Powered E-Book Reader/Tablet Hybrid

    Panasonic is prepping an Android 2.2-powered e-book reader/tablet hybrid [JP] that’s specifically designed for the Japanese market. The device will offer e-books through a store set up by Rakuten, the country’s biggest e-commerce company, with the initial line-up including a total of at least 10,000 titles. Read More

  • Hanako 2: Japan's Best Dental Patient Robot Gets An Update (Video)

    Robot Hanako, the Japanese dental patient simulator we have shown you last year, just got an upgrade: Hanako 2 still behaves, in many ways, like a human patient, and she still lets dentists practice “real-life” procedures on her before they do the same on human patients. But the new version has been improved. Read More

  • Video: The Pic3D Sheet Turns Your 2D Screen Into A Naked-Eye 3D Display

    A Japanese company called Global Wave has developed a special film, which can be used to transform any given 2D LCD screen into a naked-eye 3D display – just applying it to the LCD is enough. Global Wave says the so-called Pic3D sheet is the first of its kind. Read More

  • Video: The Sense-Roid Is A Robo Jacket That Lets You Hug Yourself

    I am aware we have covered the Sense-Roid, a robotic device that lets you hug yourself (don’t ask), last week already. But now our friends over at Diginfonews in Tokyo went out and shot a professional video that shows the tactile communications apparatus in action and explains it in more detail (and in English). Read More

  • Toylet: Sega's Video Game System For Toilets Gets Priced And Dated (Video)

    Do you remember the Toylet, the bizarre video game system from Sega that can be placed inside urinals and allows you to control on-screen action with your pee? The Toylet’s core elements are an LCD screen (placed above the urinal) and a speed sensor to track the “pressure level” of your stream. Read More

  • Video: Futuristic Smart House

    It’s not the first “next-generation home” we have covered so far, but major Japanese housing manufacturer Sekisui House‘s so-called “Smart House” is definitely one of the coolest concepts so far. Apart from Sekisui, telecom giant NTT Docomo, NEC, and Namco Bandai Games have been involved in the creation of the prototype house that was recently showcased… Read More

  • Face Recognition For Dogs, Cats And Birds? There's Software For That (Video)

    Earlier this year, Fujifilm released the Finepix Z700, a camera that’s able to detect the faces of cats and dogs. Now Panasonic System Networks has updated FaceU [JP], a technology that recognizes not only faces of cats and dogs but also birds. It may sound a bit ridiculous (it possibly is), but FaceU helps you to make a picture when your pet look towards the camera automatically. Read More

  • Video: Awesome Gesture-Controlled Robot Arm

    Gesture-driven robots are nothing new, but this robot arm, developed at Japan’s Tsukuba University, stands out with some impressive tech. The system lets humans control the arm by analyzing the movements of their hands and arms based on a video stream (the arm then replicates those movements almost in real-time). Read More

  • Hospi: Meet Panasonic's Awesome Healthcare Robot (Video)

    Not too many people know that Panasonic is a quite prolific maker of robots, but big P has actually been quite active in this area in recent years. Case in point: Hospi, a cute hospital robot and one of the winner’s of this year’s Robot Awards (as selected by the Japanese government). It was first publicly shown in 2004. Read More

  • Video: Super-Fast Industrial Robot Genkotsu

    We don’t usually blog industrial robots on CrunchGear, but the so-called Genkotsu is too cool to pass up. For one, it’s one of Japan’s top robots of 2010, as selected by the government last month. But more importantly it’s flexible, precise, and amazingly fast. Read More

  • Video: Impressive Strawberry Picking Robot

    Last week, we’ve shown you a comprehensive list of Japan’s top robots of 2010, as selected by the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The list contains quite a few robots that are supposed to boost productivity in one form or the other, and now we have an impressive video that shows one of these models, a strawberry picking robot, in action. Read More

  • TagCandy: Augmented Reality-Powered Candy Sucking System (Video)

    A team of researchers at Tokyo-based Keio University came up with a solution to make sucking candy more fun: dubbed TagCandy, their device intensifies the taste of real popsicles using augmented reality (the use of this term is a bit of a stretch in this case, but OK). All that users need to do is to stick the candy into the device and start licking it. Read More

  • Video: Sony's Twin-Lens 3D Shoulder Mount Camera

    In October last year, Sony started teasing a 3D CMOS camera with two lenses and the ability to shoot video at up to 240fps. Unlike Panasonic’s model, Sony’s camera was intended for professional use, and now big S is showcasing their latest 3D camcorder prototype (which again will be geared towards professional users). Read More

  • Video: iPad-based Point Of Sale Cash Register System

    By now, we’ve learned the Japanese have found a number of creative ways to use the iPad. And today we can show you a new one: the iPad as the basis of a sophisticated, yet low-cost point of sale cash register system. Dubbed FLAVIUS [JP], the system is actually being used by several business across Japan already. Read More

  • Video: iPad Used As Self-Ordering System At Restaurants

    Japan not only loves the iPad, it also finds creative ways to use it. Now Sharp (of all companies) is testing a self-ordering system for Izakaya, Japanese-style restaurants, that’s based on the device. The idea is to do away with the usual hardcopy menus and make it possible for customers to choose and directly order what they like through an iPad. Read More

  • Video: Giant Snake Robot ACM-R5

    Another cool robot from Japan. This time, it’s a huge snake robot, made by the Hirose-Fukushima Lab at Tokyo Institute of Technology. The researchers say it’s not a fun project but that they aim at finding out how snakes can move forward without legs (?) and how a snake-shaped robot could be used for practical applications. Read More

  • Videos: Health Care Robot Yurina

    Japan is the first country that was labeled by the United Nations as a super-aged society (over 20% of the population are currently 65 or older), and it has the world’s biggest robotics industry. So it’s not really surprising to see a relatively big number of “health care robots” coming out of this country, for example Japan Logic Machine’s “Yurina” [JP]. Read More

  • Video: Robotic Wheelchair Automatically Follows Human Companion

    This is pretty cool: a robotic wheelchair that automatically follows a human companion without the person sitting in the wheelchair having to do anything. Just like the Museum Guide Robot we’ve shown you earlier today, the robo wheelchair is the brain child of Saitama University‘s Human-Robot Interaction Center. Read More

  • Video: Intelligent Museum Guide Robot

    We’ve shown you multiple guide robots coming out of Japan in recent months, but this new one is specialized in helping out in museums. The unnamed robot was developed by researchers at Saitama University near Tokyo and is supposed to be more “intelligent” than similar models. Its makers say they managed to boost his communication skills by crossing robotics with sociology. Read More