• Let’s Visit A Nobel Prize Winning Lab That Does “Lots Of Science”, Shall We?

    Let’s Visit A Nobel Prize Winning Lab That Does “Lots Of Science”, Shall We?

    Creating stem cells out of adult cells. Amazing. Winning a Nobel Prize. Amazing. Saving lives potentially? Outstanding. Check out this video from David Prager and Glenn McElhose, formerly of Revision3, which sold to Discovery Channel, and Diggnation fame. The fellas have visited a Nobel Prize winning lab doing some really outstanding things. It’s not often that you get to catch a glimpse… Read More

  • Kevin Rose To Leave Diggnation

    Digg founder and CEO Kevin Rose will be leaving his popular Diggnation show, we’ve heard from a source. This has not been confirmed by Kevin, but we believe it’s accurate. Revision3, which hosts the show, has not yet returned our request for comment. The show has been “aired” since July 1, 2005 and regularly attracts 200,000 or more viewers. It is the most popular show… Read More

  • Check Out Diggnation Today In BitGravity's Multiview

    If you were intrigued by BitGravity’s Multiview product that allows viewers to choose from six different camera angles as they watch an event, check out episode 177 of Diggnation today at 3 pm PST. The regular “director’s cut” will be shown at at Diggnation.com. The customized version will be available here on the Revision3 website. We’ve got a few screenshots… Read More

  • Revision 3 says RIAA/MPAA anti-piracy company responsible for recent outage

    Flickr’d You guys watch Revision 3, right? Diggnation, Tekzilla (my personal favorite), Totally Rad, etc. The company was DoS’d last week, and you’ll never guess who was responsible. Can you say MediaDefender, the same company the RIAA and MPAA employs to shut down illegal BitTorrent trackers? According to Rev3’s CEO Jim Louderback, the anti-BitTorrent company had… Read More