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RSS is undead

RSS died. Whether you blame Feedburner, or Google Reader, or Digg Reader last month, or any number of other product failures over the years, the humble protocol has managed to keep on trudging along d

Alas, Digg Reader is shutting down at the end of March

After the death — no, let's not mince words — murder of Google Reader, I tried out a dozen or so other RSS readers to see if I could get a similar experience. Of all the ones I tested, I was very

Digg (And Digg Reader) Arrive On Android

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.digg.com">Digg</a>, the Betaworks-incubated social news service and new home to Google Reader replacement Digg Reader, has just <a target="_blank" href="https://pla

Digg Reader Adds Top Requested Features, But Still A Long Way From Replacing Google Reader

<a target="_blank" href="http://digg.com/reader">Digg Reader</a>, the Betaworks-backed alternative to the now dead Google Reader, is making progress in becoming a more solidified platform for serious

After Three Months Of Work, Digg Reader Officially Opens To The Public

Despite much wailing and gnashing of teeth Google Reader is finally set to go dark next week, and more than a few companies (including <a target="_blank" href="http://reader.aol.com/">TechCrunch owner

Digg Reader Now Available On Digg’s iOS App

<a target="_blank" href="http://digg.com/reader">Digg Reader</a>, Digg's alternative for the RSS aggregation addicts who will be bereft when Google Reader finally shuts down on July 1, is now availabl

Digg Reader Is Now Open

Exactly one week before Google Reader shuts down entirely, Digg has opened up access to the Digg Reader beta. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we sat down with General Manager Jake Levine and Pre

There Is No Google Reader Replacement, Only Alternatives

Google Reader is slowing down. Over the past few days, buttons have broken, marking feeds as read seemed to take a bit longer than usual, and the Android mobile website on some devices shifted over to

Digg’s Google Reader Replacement To Launch Next Week, Available To All By June 26

Digg today announced that the first public beta of its Google Reader replacement Digg Reader will launch next week and will be available to everybody by June 26th. Judging from the early screenshots t