differential privacy

Implement differential privacy to power up data sharing and cooperation

Differential privacy doesn’t just better protect privacy, it can also power data sharing solutions that facilitate cooperation across departments or companies.

Google launches an open-source version of its differential privacy library

Google today released an open-source version of the differential privacy library it uses to power some of its own core products. Developers will be able to take this library and build their own tools

Privacy researchers devise a noise-exploitation attack that defeats dynamic anonymity

Privacy researchers in Europe believe they have the first proof that a long-theorised vulnerability in systems designed to protect privacy by aggregating and adding noise to data to mask individual id

Apple aims to up its AI smarts with iCloud user data in iOS 10.3

The next version of Apple's mobile platform will include an opt-in for iOS users to share their iCloud data in order to help the company improve software products, such as its voice-powered virtual as

Why privacy is the killer app 

Our world looks very different from when Steve Jobs held aloft the first iPhone in 2007. Marketers didn’t use technology beyond their website analytics, email marketing and display ads. It’s clear