Diffbot Aims To Build The Intel Of Data For Artificial Intelligence

With a new $10 million commitment led by Tencent, one of China’s largest Internet companies, Diffbot chief executive Mike Tung has come a long way from his days of eating beans and rice in the d

Don’t Read The Comments — Let Diffbot Analyze Them Instead

Diffbot's mission, according to CEO Mike Tung, involves "teaching a robot how to read and understand web pages." Today it expanded that understanding to include forums, comments, reviews, and other on

Diffbot Releases Product Pages API, Uses Robot Learning To Supercharge Shopping And Collecting Sites

Diffbot is a startup that's trying to make sense of the mass of information available on the web via robotic vision and computer learning, and it's doing so one chunk at a time. Previously, the compan

Diffbot Raises $2 Million Angel Round For Web Content Extraction Technology

<a href="http://www.diffbot.com/">Diffbot</a>, the super-geeky/awesome visual learning robot technology which aims to "see" the web the way that people do, is today announcing a new infusion of capita

Diffbot Sees The Web Like People Do, Now Free For Developers

<a href="http://www.diffbot.com/">Diffbot</a> is a geeky and incredibly interesting technology that uses bots, algorithms, computer vision and artificial intelligence to process the content on the Web