Luxus wants the crown jewel of your portfolio to be an actual diamond

A much-anticipated market downturn may finally be here, and investors have been preparing for it by diversifying their portfolios away from the traditional stock and bond holdings, and into alternativ

Diamond dynasty De Beers stoops to conquer with new line of man-made diamond jewelry

They first launched nearly a decade ago with names like Diamond Foundry, Brilliant Earth, Mia Donna and Pure Grown Diamonds, with millions of dollars in financing and a mission to reshape the diamond

Enjoying Conspicuous Consumption With Gresso's iPhone 4 Black Diamonds For Lady

<img src="" />Got some extra gold bricks lying around? Check out the Gresso <a href="

More Hands-On With Million Dollar Ulysse Nardin Watch

<img src="">I previously wrote about the Royal Blue Tourbillon here (where you can get more technical details). The timepieces

The $20,000 iPad has diamonds all over it. That's one way to tell everyone you're a jerk.

<img src="" />It's going to take $40,000 worth of diamonds to get me to buy an <a HREF="">iPad</a

Gilded (read: stupid) Age: Diamond-encrusted Nokia 8800

<img src="" /> Would you buy a Nokia 8800? No? Okay, but would you buy a Nokia 8800 that's <a HREF="

Gilded Age: $5,000 Belgian headphones sound ‘crystal clear’

Wow, a pair of £3,500 ($5,150) headphones. All of a sudden, headphones from the likes of Ultimate Ears and Shure don’t seem expensive at all. What makes this pair so expensive? It’s made

Diamond-studded Japanese cellphone costs $130K

Another day, another diamond-studded cellphone to smash. This time, it comes to us by way of Japan, land of Japanese people. (I got nothing, obviously.) The phone, available on wireless carrier Softba

They grow diamonds in petri dishes now (sorta)

A group of research scientists at the Carnegie Institution have devised a new method to grow diamonds. Keep in mind that there’s more to diamonds than the tragic trade surround them (explained i

The most expensive cellphone in the world doesn't even do QWERTY

[photopress:crapface.jpg,full,center]Recently, a friend of mine from Nepal admonished me that if I took 1/10th of the money I spend going out on the weekends for three months, I could buy books, food,

Diamond-encrusted gadgets get their comeuppance

I’ve never been more in agreement with Wired than I am at this very moment. "Everything here is a crap gadget with diamonds glued on it," says Rob Beschizza in his post called The Wors

Diamonds on an iPhone: Maybe too much?

Attention: Mariah Carey. I know you read this blog, I’ve been tracking you via IP address for years. I’m not sure why you like Nicholas’s stuff more than mine, you tramp, but whateve

Tourbillon Timepiece Defines Luxury

When going out on the town and trying to pick up chicks, I usually settle for my Mickey Mouse Armitron watch. However, when I heard that Hickey was coming with me to pick up dudes in the restroom, I o

World's Most Expensive Shift Knob

Got Tons Of Money Around And A Bentley? You’re in luck. Clearly a well-known company, Iced Out EMZ is offering a $150,00 shift knob that’s being touted at the most expensive shift knob in

Nokia Working On Diamond Casing

We’ve all seen an old movie where a burglar breaks into a home or store by cutting a window with a diamond. Thus, we should all know by now that diamonds are tough as hell. Nokia knows this and

Ultra-Bling Mouse Brings 800dpi, Young Jeezy

Behold the holy testament to bling itself: the unostentatiously-named Ultra-Bling Mouse. If you want to live life like the dudes on MTV Cribs but still want to fly your geek flag high, then this is th

From the Vaults of Ridiculous: TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold

Do you own an MP3 player that doesn’t bling (is that a verb?) enough for you? Do you feel the need to cover all of your possessions in gold and jewels? Do you have $20,000 lying around and have