• Enjoying Conspicuous Consumption With Gresso's iPhone 4 Black Diamonds For Lady

    Got some extra gold bricks lying around? Check out the Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady. It’s not a case, rather the phone has been modded to house 6 carats of black diamonds, edging in platinum, a 2 carat diamond home button and a frame of white diamonds. The back of the phone is made of a 200-year-old African Blackwood. Read More

  • More Hands-On With Million Dollar Ulysse Nardin Watch

    I previously wrote about the Royal Blue Tourbillon here (where you can get more technical details). The timepieces is a statement-making watch for both the wearer and Ulysse Nardin as a brand. Without trying to piss off Ulysse Nardin, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that this watch doesn’t need to cost a million dollars for Ulysse Nardin to make a profit. Instead, it is a… Read More

  • The $20,000 iPad has diamonds all over it. That's one way to tell everyone you're a jerk.

    It’s going to take $40,000 worth of diamonds to get me to buy an iPad. So nice try, Mervis Diamond Importers. They’ve taken an ordinary iPad—not sure which model, I’m afraid—and added 11.43 karats worth of diamonds. Yup. Read More

  • Gilded (read: stupid) Age: Diamond-encrusted Nokia 8800

    Would you buy a Nokia 8800? No? Okay, but would you buy a Nokia 8800 that’s encrusted in 8.2 ct diamonds? Still no? Smart man. Read More

  • Gilded Age: $5,000 Belgian headphones sound ‘crystal clear’

    Wow, a pair of £3,500 ($5,150) headphones. All of a sudden, headphones from the likes of Ultimate Ears and Shure don’t seem expensive at all. What makes this pair so expensive? It’s made from 18 karat gold and has 118 diamonds sprinkled all over. (Again, diamonds are evil.) Also, the headphones are Belgian, created by “top jeweler” Casa Gi. That adds a few quid to… Read More

  • Diamond-studded Japanese cellphone costs $130K

    Another day, another diamond-studded cellphone to smash. This time, it comes to us by way of Japan, land of Japanese people. (I got nothing, obviously.) The phone, available on wireless carrier Softbank (they carry the iPhone 3G), is officially the Softbank 823SH Tiffany. It costs ¥12.98 million, or around $131,097. Only 10 such phones will be produced initially. Can anyone answer this… Read More

  • They grow diamonds in petri dishes now (sorta)

    A group of research scientists at the Carnegie Institution have devised a new method to grow diamonds. Keep in mind that there’s more to diamonds than the tragic trade surround them (explained in great detail in the book The Heartless Stone), as they’re used in things such as high-quality optics and quantum computers (when they’re not hoaxes). Now, growing diamonds… Read More

  • The most expensive cellphone in the world doesn't even do QWERTY

    [photopress:crapface.jpg,full,center]Recently, a friend of mine from Nepal admonished me that if I took 1/10th of the money I spend going out on the weekends for three months, I could buy books, food, and salary for an impoverished school near his home. It made me think about globalism, humanism, and my place in it. But more than that it made me realize anyone who’d pay $1.2 million for… Read More

  • Diamond-encrusted gadgets get their comeuppance

    I’ve never been more in agreement with Wired than I am at this very moment. "Everything here is a crap gadget with diamonds glued on it," says Rob Beschizza in his post called The Worst Diamond-Encrusted Gadgets Of All Time. I’d go a step further and make the claim that diamonds don’t belong anywhere near gadgets. Let the gadget itself do the talking. If… Read More

  • Diamonds on an iPhone: Maybe too much?

    Attention: Mariah Carey. I know you read this blog, I’ve been tracking you via IP address for years. I’m not sure why you like Nicholas’s stuff more than mine, you tramp, but whatever, it’s your problem. At any rate, I ran across this diamond encrusted iPhone and immediately thought of you. I mean, you’re very similar, aren’t you? You’re celebrated… Read More

  • Tourbillon Timepiece Defines Luxury

    When going out on the town and trying to pick up chicks, I usually settle for my Mickey Mouse Armitron watch. However, when I heard that Hickey was coming with me to pick up dudes in the restroom, I opted for something a bit classier. Meet the Tourbillon Timepiece from Avianne & Co. The ultimate definition of class and luxury, this $65,000 watch comes with a mother-of-pearl round face… Read More

  • World's Most Expensive Shift Knob

    Got Tons Of Money Around And A Bentley? You’re in luck. Clearly a well-known company, Iced Out EMZ is offering a $150,00 shift knob that’s being touted at the most expensive shift knob in the world. It features 10 ounces of 18-karat white gold combined with 30 karats of flawless diamonds. Oh, and of course there’s a huge ass Bentley logo on the top. Pick one up if… Read More

  • Nokia Working On Diamond Casing

    We’ve all seen an old movie where a burglar breaks into a home or store by cutting a window with a diamond. Thus, we should all know by now that diamonds are tough as hell. Nokia knows this and is putting the valuable gem to good use by developing a casing material similar to that of a diamond. Found in a patent Nokia filed, the casing uses coal and is smooth to the touch. From New… Read More

  • Ultra-Bling Mouse Brings 800dpi, Young Jeezy

    Behold the holy testament to bling itself: the unostentatiously-named Ultra-Bling Mouse. If you want to live life like the dudes on MTV Cribs but still want to fly your geek flag high, then this is the mouse for you. It’s a three-button optical mouse with a ton of diamonds stuck in it that comes in red, white, or yellow gold. Yup. That’s it. Nothing extra-special going on… Read More

  • From the Vaults of Ridiculous: TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold

    Do you own an MP3 player that doesn’t bling (is that a verb?) enough for you? Do you feel the need to cover all of your possessions in gold and jewels? Do you have $20,000 lying around and have absolutely no use for it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me direct your attention to the TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold. Sure it’s just a mediocre 1GB player, but… Read More